Thursday, June 9, 2011

She Talks to Angels

Messy face

The other night as I was putting C down for bedtime she reached up her sweet little open hand to the Heavens above and then closed it and brought it back down. She then placed her hand on my heart and said "Angel kiss, to your heart". It still gives me the sweetest chills to think about.

Both of my girls are very in touch with their angels and it really shows. K once declared to me that she loves all the angels in the world as much as one of her classmates loved princesses.

Kevin once woke up early in the morning to the sound of K's voice in her bedroom (this was before L was born and C was still sleeping with us), he snuck in to check on her and she was chatting away about how much she loved school, Oregon and us. Then she spotted Kevin and stopped. He asked her who she was talking to and she replied,"My guardian angel."

C's view

I really try to foster this connection they both have with their angels,and it's quite evident in their bedroom. There are angels all over the place. Their favorite addition and our most recent project in there was a rainbow canopy hanging over their bed with wool angels hanging from it. It was a little Mama/Daddy collaboration and we are happy the girls enjoy it so. They love to look at them as they drift off to sleep well, K does at least, as C still nurses to sleep.

Ah, Angel love, such a special thing.


The pics we choose to frame, shown in the post yesterday, are from 'Emily and Daisy' and 'Pelle's New Suit', both by Elsa Beskow.

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