Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I do believe I just made up my own word. Eh, whatever works, right?

I am still slowly making my way in Linda's Shalom Knit Along. I feel like I haven't had much time to knit these past couple of weeks but stitch by stitch, row by row I will eventually finish. I am almost half way through the body now. I suppose I should take it off the needles and try it on again before I get too much further. I am so afraid of it not fitting, especially with all of my modifications. Let's just hope this all works out and isn't one of those learning experiences.

Speaking of learning experiences... I am realizing that my up sizing of patterns has become quite out of control. Remember the summertime sweater I was knitting little L? Well, I finished but I think it won't be worn until next summer. My babies are usually little chub-a-lubs so I knit the pattern in the 12 month size thinking that it would be nice and roomy. It is, indeed, nice and roomy but a bit too much. The short sleeves are almost long sleeves on him and the length rivals the length of some dresses I have seen. I am tempted to knit it again with my leftover yarn in the 6 month size. Geesh, my baby is only 3 months old - what am I thinking?! I have a slight glimmer of hope that maybe he'll grow a lot this summer and fit into it around August/September, which would be perfect as those are the only two months of the year that we feel the sun's warmth.

I sewed on the wooden buttons (always wooden buttons for us) with the contrasting yarn. These pictures are before blocking so the button band looks a bit wonky but I promise it's normal looking in person. Rav notes can be found here. Minus my insane up sizing, it really is a cute pattern. I may omit the yarn overs next time though and maybe even add long sleeves (on purpose) instead of short.

Kevin informed me that my summer sweater, with colors that remind me of the beach, is actually Seattle Sounders color themed - much to his dismay (He's a big Philadelphia Union Soccer fan). Oh well, I guess I can't win them all!

How are your projects coming along? Happy creating!

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