Thursday, June 2, 2011

Five Little Piggies

Five little piggies
Looking for their home

Put the chilly piggies in the barn
To keep them cozy and warm

That is one of our favorite songs to sing when C (and even K sometimes) is having a hard time with getting her shoes or socks on. It works like a charm every time. C has started singing this song to little L now whenever I put his socks or booties on. I become mush when she does this.

I am sure by now most of you know how important warmth is to me, especially for my little ones. So when I came across a fast warm wool sock knitting pattern shortly after L was born I quickly got to work.

The pattern is Baby Socks and it can be found in More Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I was on the waiting list at our local library forever for this book but it was worth it.

I first knit a yellow pair out of some scrap yarn I had. (Rav notes here)When I saw how quickly they knit up (literally 2 hours or less) I was hooked and needed more.

I then made a pair using all the little bits and pieces left over from our school auction blanket (more on that later). This pair was especially fun because the yarn was some yummy Tosh Vintage. (Rav notes here)

My latest set of these socks is knit out of O-Wool balance which is 50% Organic Cotton and 50% wool - perfect for warmer months. I used the scraps leftover from both of little L's pebble vests. (Rav notes on second vest here) They look so sweet on his little feet. They make me want to nibble his toes even more than usual. (Rav notes here)
Let's ignore the well loved pebble with buttons in need of reattaching in this photo, ok?

I have a feeling there will be many more of these socks to come!

On another note - anyone have any resources for Waldorf doll wig yarn? Our school has it but not in a nice yellow I need. I am looking for brushed mohair, specifically, in yellow. Thanks in advance!

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