Thursday, June 23, 2011

Princess and the Pea : Part Two

I was going to wait and post these pictures after I re-did my blog template to have larger photos but I just couldn't wait that long. For some reason when the blog shrinks my large pictures it messes with them and makes them not as defined, and my bokeh just ends up looking blurry. I don't get it. This really frustrates me, sigh, I will get past it once I have the time to re-do the template. So anyways, please forgive these silly things and let's move on.

I did it FINALLY! Thank you Heather and everyone who helped me. I mostly have it now, although my pics are posting square shaped so something is still not quite right but I am getting there.

Remember that bag I made for K's Princess and the Pea set? Well, the rest of that fabric was just sitting on my shelf getting dusty and covered in fur (it's just a fact of life with 7 animals in the house). It was only 1 yard with a big square cut out of it so I didn't know what I could possibly ever make out of it. Then, after giving up (for now) on my Flower Girl dress from Weekend Sewing, I came across another pattern in the book that called for a yard of fabric - the smocked sundress. Thankfully there were no errors for me to figure out in this one. The pattern only goes up to a size 4 but since my K is a little string bean I figured it would work.. and it did!

This was my first time ever using elastic thread and trying smocking. I am officially sold on the process and result. I love the way it came out. K does wish it had a bit of a fuller skirt so it would twirl more when she danced, but other than that, she is really happy with it.

When K put on this dress it inspired her to go outside and run and play like crazy. She told me she was pretending to be a princess.

Apparently princesses like to swing in tire swings a lot.

I really enjoy the print on this airy cotton gauze fabric. If only we had more from this line. Then again, I bought this fabric back when I used my credit card way too often and bought way too many things we really couldn't afford. So I will be grateful and savor this bit that we do have.

I love K's hair styles

The other day, K discovered that her Harvest Festival/Martinmas sweater I knit her last fall matches quite well with her new dress. She of course had to show it off to me, and that of course, made C want to wear hers, too. I don't think I ever posted these projects so Rav notes here and here.

Now I am wondering what other uses I will find for my stash of 1 yard length fabrics. I suppose I should get back to working on C's horse dress first, though.


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