Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What I am working on...

Sewing! Only bits and pieces here and there but still exciting to me, none the less.

Blocking little L's Grandpa cardigan. Rav notes here. I knit this in the 12 month size for him to wear this fall/winter. Of course there was no rush to finish it but boy, did it take me forever to sew on the buttons and block this.
I made a few modifications to the pattern. I added an extra 1/2" in length to the body and sleeves, picked up a few extra stitches at the underarms (heard the sleeves run tight) as well as an extra row of increases to make it wider in the body (again, heard it was a bit narrow). It is such a cute cardigan, I can't wait to see him in it. I am thinking of knitting little loafers to go with it out of the leftover yarn. The Grandpa style of it just seems to scream matching loafers.

More knitting for little L. He needed this summertime sweater. As much of an oxymoron 'summertime sweater' may be - it is always sweater season in this cold house of ours. Outside of our house is a completely different story, though.

A little something for one of K's friends. I knit this up in April for her birthday but hadn't shared any pictures of it. Rav notes here

Another slow going work in progress is the blog. You may have noticed little changes. I am no longer enjoying the columns on both sides. It makes my photographs too small to see any details and well, it feels too cluttered to me now. I am completely computer illiterate, though,so I have to figure out how to switch it back over. Anything I do on here computer-wise is by pure stroke of luck. Maybe someday I will actually learn more about computers, and most technology in general but in all honesty, I find solace in living without.

A couple weeks ago I changed over the commenting system. I was wondering what your opinions may be on that. I have since noticed a drop in the number of responses. That only worries me because I fear that with this new system you are unable to respond or perhaps it's now a pain in the butt to do so. Your words mean so much to me so please, please let me know if this is the case (if you can't tell me here please e-mail me). I love, love, LOVE the dialogue that transpires here and would feel horrible if I had done something to prevent it.
I switched the commenting over so that I can respond faster to everyone and to make it easier on all of you to be able to reach me. If you have been in contact with me via e-mail you may already know I am horribly guilty of not getting to my e-mail - by no means due to lack of caring nothing could be further from the truth (connecting with all of you brings me so much happiness) but just very limited computer time(we are still without a computer & I can only get online some nights), and the joys of motherhood preventing me. I have met some amazing people and developed lifelong friendships through this little space, and I am forever grateful for that. Your words and inspiration keep me going, and during those rough times they are what get me through the day. The friendship,wisdom, and support of this online community are things I deeply cherish.

While I am at it : I am going to go ahead and take this chance to apologize to those of you that I do owe an e-mail to. If it has been a long time please e-mail me again, organization is not my forte, especially digital organization so I may have missed it.

All right, with all of that said...
What are you working on? Please do share.
Happy creating

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