Friday, April 22, 2011

Made by my Little Ones

K has been busy on her craft days at school making Spring/Easter treasures to bring home.

She first came home with some sweet eggs she painted cuddled in a little basket.

A few days later she brought this wet on wet watercolor painting home along with...

A little spring basket! The teachers helped her make the basket out of one of her paintings and then they sprouted wheat grass in it. They felted a little chick on a clothespin, cut and sewed an egg out of wool felt and voila, a chick puppet.

We have been busy creating at home, too. I love spring crafting, it's so colorful and full of life. Here are a couple of our endeavors:

Sprouting wheat grass in egg shells.
Such a fun and easy way to bring spring indoors. We have these as the centerpiece the girls' table and also on our nature table.

Using the pattern from All Year Round (Lifeways)and one of C's paintings (in bright and cheery yellow, a color I am beginning to like more and more) we made a decoration for our dining room.

We folded her painting in half and traced the pattern twice, then cut them out. I found that an exacto knife worked the best for those small detailed areas inside the decoration.

Then I sewed the two cut outs together in the middle, starting from the bottom so that we had thread to hang it from on top. Would you believe that is the most sewing I have done in months?! I need to get back to my sewing machine, pronto!!

All done!

We then hung it over our table and admire it as we eat. Every meal, we light a candle and the heat from the flame makes our decoration twirl and dance. Magic!

Wishing you all have a beautiful weekend.

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