Monday, April 25, 2011

The Last Installment

Here we are with the final installment of my pregnancy knitting aka - baby knits.
I hope I haven't been boring too many of you with all of this knitting. I just couldn't stop, eh, I still can't stop!

This little romper and bonnet were last minute knits that I suddenly felt the urgency to knit about a week before L was born. I am so glad that I did. He lived in these until I just couldn't squeeze him in them anymore. These pictures were taken on his last day wearing it, so it is a bit tight on him.

I pretty much picked out the yarn solely on the importance of going with those absolutely adorable toadstool buttons. The colors along with the buttons on the finished knits remind me of a sweet little baby forest gnome.

I plan on getting the next size up on my needles as quickly as possible. Romper Rav notes here, bonnet Rav notes here. The pattern is Small Things by Carina Spencer.

Another project inspired by beautiful yarn is this 'coming home' outfit. The yarn is from Inspired Mama MAKES in the Lucaburra colorway with coordinating aqua.
Just in case an of you were keeping tabs on my color choices with knitting - YES, turquoise/aqua is L's official color. It just seems so perfect for him, well, that and I don't think I can get away with dressing him in all peachy-pink knits, ahem. Anyways, back to the knits...

Truth be told, yarns by Inspired Mama Makes are one of my favorites to knit with. Erika's color choices are so much fun and always just perfect for what I am looking for. I swear it is as if she is reading my mind, sometimes!

It is a bit of a challenge to photograph a tiny baby in a cardigan/jacket since they are unable to sit up. Instead it looks all puffy and lumpy on them as they lay on their backs. *sigh* Oh well, I hope you can envision in your mind just how sweet it is on him. This coming home outfit was a bit big on him as a newborn but fits him perfectly now. Rav notes for longies here (picky pants pattern, always the picky pants pattern), and Rav notes for the jacket are here.

A warm wool pilot cap is a MUST in our house so this little hat was a priority to me. This turquoise yarn was calling out to me for this winter baby project, I am so glad I listened to it. I altered the newborn size of the pattern a tiny bit to have it fit him around a month old and it worked out perfectly. It's still going strong at 2 months and I plan on knitting some more of them out of cotton and silk for the warmer months coming least I hope they are coming soon!
Rav notes here, pattern available here. Thank you Cadi for such a great knit!

Well, that's it! Thanks for sticking with me as I blabbed on and on about those little baby projects. I hope you are all having a bright start to your week!

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