Wednesday, April 7, 2010

WIP Wednesday : Something to Laugh About

Because after the week I have been having, I surely need a laugh! Won't you join me?
Have you ever had one of those off days where even the simplest of projects won't work out for you? Well, that's where I am at with C's last birthday present. Except, it's not just an off day - the whole project has been 'off' from the get go. I really couldn't tell you why, either. I have knitted this pattern dozens of times by now, doing the math and changing it as needed as the girls grow, and not once had a problem. I mean, they are simple slippers for goodness sake, what is my problem? Ok let me get to the pictures so you can see what I am talking about.

Exhibit A:

Above is my first attempt at C's birthday slippers. This was actually after my real first try with two colors of malabrigo that didn't work because I ran out of one. So for this one I used just one of the two malabrigo yarns and knit them with bigger needles to felt down. Oh my, and felt they did. They felted so much that they are too small for C. They are actually perfect in length but much too narrow for C to squeeze her little feet into.
So, I tried knitting another, this time adding on more stitches width wise which brings us to
Exhibit B

Well, it definitely is wider! I couldn't stop laughing when I pulled this out of the washer. I obviously overcompensated. By this point I had wasted almost a whole skein of malabrigo with nothing to show for it so I grieved my loss and retreated back to my corner. I was down, but I was not out! With my head hanging low I went back to my old friend Peace Fleece. The yarn is much too itchy for me to knit anything out of but when you felt it, it becomes really soft so it's perfect for slippers. This brings us to our last exhibit,
Exhibit C:

This slipper is oh so close to being just the right size but is just a bit too long. I would normally just let her grow into it but this is long enough that she would trip. Luckily, I can just knit another one just like this to put away for when her feet grow a bit more, so it's not a total loss. Phew!

Now here I am hopefully working on the last slipper prototype so I can get these done in time for her birthday. I have to finish them, just look at the perfect wooden hedgie buttons I got to put on them!

Puffa, puffa, stick, stick

I did not finish all my projects for K's room by last weekend like I had hoped to. I did, however, go thrifting and found a pink organic sheet for the back of the duvet. It's the perfect length but not wide enough, so I plan on going thrifting again this weekend to see if I am as lucky the second time around.

One thing I did finish for her room is a little knitted heart. I gave it to her the first night she spent in her room. I told her how I knitted it and filled it with my and Daddy's love for her. I hung it on her headboard and told her that it was there to remind her of how much we love her and that no matter what, we are always near. She absolutely adores it. I love how something so small is so meaningful to her.

Happy creating!



boatbaby said...

Oh those hedgehog buttons are too sweet! And your idea for the heart is just perfect! Very thoughtful and wise.

angie said...

Wow, Nicole, your daughter is so lucky to have a mama like you who gives her such gifts! Your love is inspiring!

Joy said...

Hehe...I'm sure it's hard to laugh at all the malabrigo that won't go to it's intended purpose, but maybe you'll find something to do with it. I'm glad the Peace Fleece is working better for you. I was perusing knitted felted slipper patterns just yesterday, and now I'm a bit nervous! Fortunately we have so many kids that they're bound to fit someone, right? The heart, and K's attachment to it, is so sweet. She's a darling, that little girl. :)

Anonymous said...

I should post pictures of my slippers that I made. I tried to make slippers to fit my husbands grandmother. I have been told she wears a size 9 WIDE. How they came out to fit my then 3 year old daughter I will never know. I gave up shortly afterwards. but I found a good pattern for a 3 year old!

I love that little heart. So sweet. How did she do her first night? My 4.5 year old still sneaks into bed at around 4am, and if she isn't there my husband will bring her in to cuddle the last 10 minutes before he gets up for work.

Apron Thrift Girl said...

I have so much respect for knitters and their effort that they put into their projects. You are so fabulous for not giving up and to keep trying until it is right. You also are inspiring for making gifts. I am going to make some gifts for my son's birthday coming because of reading this post. Thank you so much.

Brynn said...

I love those buttons. Also what a sweet way to help your daughter transition. I'll have to remember that for the future. :)

Brynn said...

I love those buttons! And what a sweet way to transition your daughter into her room. I'll have to remember this for the future.

Anonymous said...

:-) I can totally relate to this post! I started making a particular bootie pattern for O when we was just a baby. I modified and modified as he grew... eventually they just started looking like potholders! Now I'm getting my fix making several pairs for my sister's baby.
Oh, and I have a serious soft spot for Peace Fleece! Mmm Hmm... Pretty color you've chosen!

5orangepotatoes said...

Those little hedgie buttons are the cutest and will be darling on the slippers.

The story behind the heart is precious and what a lovely idea to comfort her.


Sarah said...

Too funny on the slippers - I've had some "funny" mess-ups, too (usually accompanied with abandoning the project altogether - good for you for sticking with it!). Love those hedgie buttons and that gorgeous little heart!

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

Oh dear Nicole, This is why I sew, I am not always up for the knitting challenges, would make my brain sad, but I'm sure you will have it all worked out soon, and in time.
Ok, I am going to work on your email questions while the girls are downstairs cleaning their room. Now we've got more good things to talk about!

Lacey (schoolhousefarm) said...

that is so cute. it's refreshing to see 'mistakes'. & I LOVE your hedgie buttons.

Michelle, Queen Behind the Lens! said...

Your determination is admirable, to say the least! I'm not surprised that PF came to the rescue! :) And, you'll be able to machine wash them! Awesome.

Cristina said...

It's great that you just keep knitting even when problems arise!
I feel the love from the knitted heart and those buttons are just too cute!

momma rae said...

i must admit, exhibit b gave me the giggles, too! ;) i LOVE the hedgie buttons! it is beautiful how much love and thought you put into the things you make for your children. they are blessed to have you.

Anonymous said...

I love that heart, so super sweet.

And I'm glad I'm not the only one with crafting issues. I cut three pieces of fabric wrong the other night and finally gave up.

Linda said...

Dear Nicole,
I just adore those slippers! They are precious:) I love that you blogged your process:) I will have to knit some for my little ones for winter. The hedgies are very sweet and the heart is beautiful!

Dawn said...

The knitted heart is so sweet, and so are the hedgehog buttons! You must have the patience of a saint to keep at those slippers like you have. What a sweet gift those will be for her.

kirschkernzeit said...

Dear Nicole: Oh my, of course I knwo only too well what you're talking about! I just started my sons knitted sweater and had to rip out one sleeve already three times no- and I'm afraid I'll have to do so a fourth time... But what we all can see and your lucky girls can feel for sure is your amazing love for her! And anyway: the things you make for her are SO BEAUTIFUL! And man, you obviously have great nerves and go your way, try again and again...Crafting is a great possinility to learn patience and hope, isn't it.
You're so great!
bora from Switzerland

gardenmama said...

you are the sweetest nicole!
i love the things you create for your girls, the energy and love that you pour into what you are making is beautiful. such sweet hedgie buttons! puffa puffa stick stick : ) love that book too!

Anonymous said...

puffa puffa stick stick...Love Jan Brett!

You are so persistent, I would have thrown in the towel long ago. Felting is sticky business.

I can't wait to see how it all comes together.

Peace and love,

Ariella said...

You are a bad-ass mama. pardon my language.

Ariella said...

You are a bad-ass mama. pardon my language.

Beth said...

You get an A+ for your persistence in slipper knitting and felting. love, Beth

Nicole said...

I love how thoughtful your gifts are and those hedgehogs are to die for!

Stephanie said...

I fear I would not have taken those setbacks nearly as well as you did!

Love what you ended up with, and also that heart is too much -- so lovely!

K E Fleck said...

LOL Oh, my! But good for you for your persistence :-)

That is why, to this day, I have never finished a pair of socks. There is always some issue that comes up ... now I think I just have a mental block about it and I can't finish an entire pair.

Lovely heart! What a sweet idea (that I'm probably going to totally copy!)

Best Wishes

FrontierDreams said...

Thank you everyone! I *think* (knock on wood) that I FINALLY have it and the slippers should be completed in time. Keep your fingers crossed for me :)

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