Wednesday, September 16, 2009

WIP Wednesday is back!!

Toadstool hat

Hooray! I am finally able to devote time to WIP Wednesday, again! Oh, how I have missed it these past couple of weeks.

I finished up K's very special best friend's birthday present. Her birthday is tomorrow, I hope it arrives in time. I mailed it Tuesday morning. I would post pictures but I don't want to ruin the surprise for her!
Saturday is K's 4th birthday so my current WIPs are for her. I have all of her presents done except for one. I am finishing up her toadstool hat, I just have to add some more spots and fix some of my stitches (as I am sure you can see in the pic!)

I am knitting a couple things at the same time right now. Working on some ornaments at night when the girls are asleep (because these require my attention) and a slipper for K during the day. We somehow lost or packed away one of K's felted slippers I made her. I don't know how we managed that! Poor K can't wait until we un-pack in October to find her missing slipper so I am knitting up another one for her quick. The yarn is actually 2 different yarns I wound together to make one thick yarn - perfect for felting!

Slipper in progress

I am very excited to announce a Winter ornament swap is in the works as well as my first giveaway! Just look over at the top of sidebar on your right hand side! I will add links to the photos as soon as I have everything prepared. Stay tuned for more info on both of those.
With that said I am off to continue with birthday preparations. I hope you are all having a great week!
Happy creating!



Doula Mommy said...

I love that toadstool hat! Glad to hear that you arrived safely. Sending good thoughts to you that you get settled quickly and easily-we're still working on it ourselves!

Simple Mama said...

Ooh! A giveaway! Awesome! I can't wait to see what it is! How is everyone doing? Where in PDX have you settled?

Marina said...

The toadstool hat is beyond adorable! You'll post photos of her in it, won't you?

Such a lucky little girl to have such a creative, talented mama!

gardenmama said...

Oh my goodness Nicole the toadstool hat is incredibly sweet!! Love, love it : ) You are creating such a warm and cozy home for your girls, how lovely to hear of the things you make with and for them! The orange and pink yarn is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

i don't know where to i guess i'll just go in order.

the toadstool hat looks like a real treat. i look forward to seeing more pictures.

the slippers! ::joy:: i have some wip over here too. it's time for extra warmth for tootsies.

ornament exchange. i can't wait. i have so been wanting something like this. had the idea too! great minds think alike! i want to have mostly handmades on our tree and this is the first year we are going to have a "real tree" since we will be home! i can't wait for more!

glad you are getting settled. the temporary housing thing stinks. we had to do that last year when we moved and lived in a hotel room with two dogs and a cat for over a month. we look back and laugh now though.


renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

I can't imagine how adorable K is going to be with that toadstool hat on! And all of your tiny knitting, fruits, mittens, so sweet :)

*erin* said...

Love the hat! I think we are going to be the forest family from 'Children of The Forest' (by Elsa Beskow) for halloween and want to make my boys hats like that! I'd love to see more photos:)

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the hat on!

FrontierDreams said...

Doula Mommy - Thank you! I am sorry we didn't get to meet up before we both moved :(

Simple Mama - Things are as good as they can be :) We'll be in SE Portland.

Marina - I will try to get photos, yes! You are too kind! That means a lot, you are beyond talented!!

Gardenmama - Thank you! You are too sweet!! I hope we get a peek into your cozy home come this fall and winter ;)

Hillary - yay! I hear you on the ornament exchange. I'm being selfish in doing this b/c I, too want handmade ornamenst for our tree. We have never had an actual tree before so I have no ornaments :(
Wow, a hotel for a month! I look forward to loking back at this time and laughing!! <3

Renee - Thank you! Tiny knitting is indeed fun!

Erin - How sweet! DH and I were discussing doing that some year! I will post more pics of the hat for sure!

MamaUK - Thanks! I'm going to try my best!

Mama Rose said...

Lovely choice for the hat. Living Craft has the patterns for it (I recently received a back issue!) soon as I get a chance to get the felt, it is on :D
I can't wait for the Ornament swap-I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the holiday season :D

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