Monday, September 14, 2009

Rhythm, please!

After ten days on the road with out any kind of rhythm the girls are beside themselves. I think they are doing amazing with the circumstances given but they need their rhythm to be at peace with themselves. K more than anyone. She thrives best with a rhythm she knows she can count on. Rudolf Steiner stressed the importance of rhythm as the “carrier of life.” I can truly see the need in my girls. Little ones need familiarity and predictability. If they always know what to expect they therefor experience a sense of order and security in their lives.

It has only been a few days but it has been a bit of a struggle to get a new rhythm going. We can not completely fall back on our old tried and true routines because we do not have the means to. Although we are happy to have shelter, our current living situation is less than ideal. We are currently in a crammed, furnished, week to week rental apartment until we close on our house in October. Most of our belongings are in storage. So the simple things that K loves so much like baking day can not be done. But we do have our wet on wet painting supplies, the means to do circle time, beautiful nature around us, cleaning days, and our daily songs amongst other things to get us back on track. One day at a time a new rhythm is very slowly emerging.

We discovered that the more we are out of this apartment the better it seems to be. The girls need space so that they can just be. We decided to spend the weekend exploring on foot (no more car rides, please!)walking our dogs everywhere we could. Oregon truly is beautiful and has so much to offer!

A beautiful park by our apartment

Look, look! (Yes, she has an empty yogurt cup filled with nature finds in her hands)

The other day, K picked a beautiful bouquet of flowers for me from a hill down the road. K encountered her first snake in the wild there and was thrilled! He was scared by us and slithered into the bushes, but oh what a sight! We were told there are no poisonous snakes in Oregon (but we will research this, just to make sure.) so we look forward to showing K how to handle them.

We have her flowers in a bottle on our kitchen table.

We have more adventures to share,news on our future school and house, and I hope to be back with my WIP Wednesday posts this week. I am exhausted and need to get back to working on that rhythm! Have a great Monday!



Joy said...

The flowers are beautiful! K did a great job. I hope you find your rhythm soon and the house closing comes quickly. How nice that you have such a wonderful park nearby for exploring.

Anonymous said...

I love your final picture in this post, can I ask what lens you used?

I hope you carry on finding a good rythmn to carry you through until you can move into your new home.

FrontierDreams said...

Thank you, Joy! That park is our saving grace right now, it is so wonderful!

MamaUK - Thank you, we are slowly getting there *fingers crossed* I used my 50mm lens. HTH! <3

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

Such a big move would be somewhat difficult for little ones, and too bad you can't get all the way settled yet. But so wonderful that soon you will be in your very own home! Maybe your rhythm for now will just have to be a few super nature filled weeks... nature walks, nature crafts, nature stories! (and lots of rest too!)

mamaraby said...

I hear you on the rhythm - both of my kids would be a mess after all that traveling. Riding in the car as often as we did on Saturday was enough to send them out of sync!

Prairie Girl said...

I'm so glad to hear you've made it to Oregon. The girls are blessed to have a patient Mama who understands the time and need it takes to resetting a rhythm.

What a beautiful looking park - a blessing to be able to take in the outdoors if your living quarters are less than ideal. And K looks so happy with those flowers in hand :)

Kyrie said...

I am betting that right now is hard for all of you, but just keep lovin' on those babies, and loving Oregon autumn (the best there is)! Let me know if I can help in any way to ease your transition.

(p.s. We love the wild sweet peas too)

xox K

Traumkraut said...

I love to read the posts about your journey to Oregon. Although I don't know much about Oregon... it seems to be a very lovely place. Sometimes I miss this kind of... well... let's call it "wild nature" with snakes and all that stuff. We "just" have the Baltic Sea around here... and flat land with cows and sheeps *hmpf* ;-)

Love from Germany

Theresa said...

beautiful stories from your trip, also poignant about the cows!

MamaBirdEmma said...

Gosh, Nicole! I may have to follow you west! It is gorgeous there! We live in a pretty nice area too (near the ocean), but I love places with hills and trees, and ricks, etc. **sigh**

Kate said...

The only venomous snakes in this area are rattlesnakes, which only live in the dry eastern areas east of the Cascades. You'll definitely know those. What your daughter saw was almost certainly a garter snake, which are bug-eaters, and totally fine to handle (although it will freak the snakes out).

FrontierDreams said...

Renee - Nature non-stop sounds very soothing to our souls right now :)

Kyrie - I THOUGHT those were sweet peas!! Thank you!

Traumkraut - I would love to see the Baltic Sea someday. Thanks for stopping by! <3

Emma - come west!! ;)

Kate - Thank you so much for that information. That is very reassuring. Snakes are such beautiful animals.

Theresa said...

So happy you all arrived safe and sound! Now onto your next adventure with your new life in Oregon!! Wishing you well and missing all of you!

Kelly said...

What a beautiful space to visit and such lovely pictures. Best of luck restoring your rhythm. Nature is certainly a good resource to have at times like these for you - soothing yet energising. Something that can be cunted on and also has so much to offer daily. Such a lovely blog you have! Best wishes.

frantically heidi said...

I live a bit south of Portland and there are no poisonous snakes around here. There are a few rattlers in eastern Oregon, but if you are in Oregon City or thereabouts, you have no worries. Incidentally, you may be happy to learn that there are not very many ticks around here either.

5 orange potatoes said...

So glad you made it safely to your new home. What a beautiful place to be!
love the beautiful pink in the boquet.

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