Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Travel Log : Day 5 - Independence, Missouri

As far as WIP Wednesday goes... It's nothing but frustration. I am honestly quite disappointed in myself right now. I planned on getting so much knitting done on this trip and as of right now I have nothing done. I have knitted and ripped out the legs on C's longies about 3 times now. The yarn continues to pool despite all my efforts. I am not sure what to do so they have been stuffed into the U-Haul to allow me re-group and figure it out from there. In the meantime I am knitting a birthday present for a very, very special best friend of K's.
Now back to our travels..

We spent most of the day in Independence, MO. It was our first official stop on our trip. Why? You might ask... Ah well, Kevin could tell you better but basically that was the official starting point of the original Oregon Trail. There was a lot to see there. We started out at the National Frontier Trails Museum

I tried to get a family portrait in front of the wagon but it just wasn't working.

Instead I got my sweet girls.

Some displays inside the museum:

The pioneer woman statue outside the museum:

After touring the museum we went over to follow a bit of the original trail and see the wagon swales. It was amazing to see them in person. I didn't realize how much it would impact all of us.

They were hard to photograph but there is a swale in front of K:

We plan on making a few other Oregon Trail historical stops along the way, as well.
Stay tuned for more travels!



Hallie said...

Thanks so much for sharing! I lived in Missouri for 8 years and there is still so much I want to see there! We are hoping to move back soon and my list of must do things is getting longer!

waldorfmama said...

i'm loving all of your travel photos! what a fun way to 'journal' your trip (which you know the girls will enjoy when they get older). :) big hugs and thinking of you. happy trails! ~ shelley (p.s. thanks for your note about the package - just let me know when you land so i can finally send it! hehe.)

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

Those are great pictures! What a wonderful place to visit. Glad you are enjoying yourselves.

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