Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Travel Log : Day 4 - Illinois & Missouri

We are still slowly moving along on the Oregon Trail. Some days it feels like we are never going to make it to Oregon, other days its a journey we don't want to end.

We have been enjoying the endless corn fields across America
(You will notice my little defiant ones with out hats in these photos. I chose not to fight that battle on this day.)

... as well as finding more wild flowers

I finally gave K her Princess and the pea set. She told me it is her 'most favorite thing of everything she has'. Needless to say I am walking on clouds over her reaction.

She still finds time to cuddle with her K baby, though.

Thank heavens for more signs of Autumn showing themselves along the way.

To be continued...



Lilia said...

Hi, I received your comment - thank you for the kind words. I read almost your entire blog history yesterday :)! Good luck on your move out west! I'd love to move to the Portland area (maybe one day)! Your family is beautiful!

Joy said...

I love her reaction too. That was such a sweet thing to say. Her looking at K baby is awfully cute too. I'm glad you're enjoying the trip. We'll actually be in MO/IL this coming weekend visiting the in-laws. :)

Patty-Jean from LittleQuiver said...

Lovely photos - my daughter(4) would be so ga-ga over that amazing princess and the pea set! WOW

leaningapplemama said...

oh my ... that is the best compliment ever!! i only hope that someday i hear that from one of my kiddos. i bet your are walking on clouds...!! i love *traveling* along with you as you make your move. happy travels to you and your sweet family!

Jennifer Sullivan said...

You are such a fun, nurturing Mama! Your girls will grow up strong and happy because of the richness of this (road trip) and all your other efforts. Great job!

I fight the hat battle too. **sigh**

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