Monday, August 3, 2009


I am completely and utterly exhausted! With all we have to do to prepare for the move (and the landlord jut stopped by and added more to our list, ughh!), and my nature to worry about everything, I haven't been able to sleep. I need a good 8 hours a night to fully function the next day, so needless to say things just are not getting done around here. All of my desires to sew are thrown out the window right now because I can't seem to get it together enough to concentrate on simple patterns. At least I am getting knitting done, right? I always have to look for the silver lining.
Kevin leaves today for house hunting in Oregon. Please wish him luck, I think we are really going to need it. If anything he is going to find us a place to rent so we have a home of some kind when we move there.

Ok, now that I got that off my chest... I have to share something that is bringing the biggest smile to my face and erasing my worries while cuddling with me at night (yes, my sweet girls are, too!)
Some of you got the chance to know my first baby Beaker (aka. Bhakti Boos) who spent her whole 20 years with me. She had the funniest and strangest personality but I loved her dearly. She passed away in January 2008

A few months before she passed away.

Although we already have 2 sweet kitties, I missed seeing my orange friend around the house. I know it's silly because it's only the color of the fur but there is something incredibly comforting to me about orange and white tabbies. We just found out that female orange and white tabbies are pretty rare, only about 20% of the tabby population. That would explain why I hardly ever saw other kitties that looked like her, but then I walked in to a surprise from Kevin last week...


Isn't she a sweetie?! I couldn't be happier. She looks so much like my first kitty that we knew whatever we named her we would always think of Beaker/Bhakti. It only made sense to us to 'carry on the name'. Instead of naming her Beaker, though, we went with Beaker's nickname of Bhakti, which means devotion in Sanskrit. I have to add that she seems to have a bit of the same personality of my first kitty, too. I have already been slapped across the face for no reason by her!

Yes, it will be a bit more of a headache moving cross country with 3 cats, 2 dogs and our girls but that little bit of a headache is nothing compared to the happiness she is bringing us! Thank you to my wonderful husband and welcome to the family Bhakti!!



Autumn said...

oh Nicole, she's beautiful! Congratulations!!!

alisha said...

good luck with your house hunt!

Marina said...

What a sweet lovely kitty! I'm so sorry to hear about your stress, I'm hoping you can take a mental break now and then and think about the wonderful place/community you will be in in a few short months and this anxiety will be a thing of the past...

PS- the offer still stands for you and your brood to come visit/stay with us on your journey westward :D!

*breathe* sweet friend... xoxo, M

Melanie said...

Oh, how I miss a sweet kitty in my life (alas, allergies win over right now). I hope that the perfect place for you presents itself on Kevin's trip. The heat wave is over and I hope that it will be a pleasant, but productive trip.

Cristina said...

Yea! You have a girlie orange tabby too. They are rare! Bindi was a little more creamy when she was younger, with almost a pinkish look. Bindi tells Bhakti "Hari Meow". Hopefully she will get along with the other kitties.
Take some time to have a few little catnaps with the girls. Hugs to you...moving is such an ordeal!

mamaraby said...

What a sweet kitty and such a thoughtful husband!

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

I really don't see how moving just one extra cat will be that much more complicated. Definitely worth the love and happiness. (and you might even consider me an expert on the subject, since I have several times moved across the country with 2 dogs and 5 cats. once even 7 cats, but that was before the 2 children.) I wish you all the best with the packing, house searching, and most importantly, rest for you!

Kyrie said...

Nicole, Kristi can help you find something to rent, too! I hope you were able to get in contact with her. Such a sweetheart!

May moving be peaceful for you -- and looking forward to seeing you once you make it here!

xo, K

Mama Rose said...

Congrats on your newest family member! She certainly is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a gorgeous new family member you have! Love her sleeping strategy ;-)!

DH looked at two potential rentals for us today. We're finding that things are either large & total dumps, or tiny & without any storage at all, but with at least some character. In our past life, we could have chosen tiny with character over roomy but boring. Not any more. sigh.

Anyway, I certainly wish you the very best of luck! Even if it's just a temporary place (which is how we're viewing this "starter home"). xoxo

Stephanie said...

So sweet!!
And your pictures of her are gorgeous.

I'm sorry you're a bit undone.
Try to take care of yourself!

Prairie Girl said...

oh. my. word. Absolutely adorable!

What a wonderful hubby you have.

I hope he finds a great place to call home (even if it's interim) and that soon all the moving stress will be behind you.

Blessings on you today :)

Lisa said...

She's beautiful! that's so interesting about yellow tabbies; wonder why that is. I have a thing for black long hair cats.

Wow, you really are going cross country! Good luck with that and everything that goes with it. With this crazy economy everyone seems to be moving right now. Oregon would be a lovely place to live; or Maine. I need to get the hubby looking at those places before we consider GA. I'm not a heat person either; Ga would be rough for us.

Lisa :)


FrontierDreams said...

Jari- Thanks! <3

Alisha- Thank you, we need it!

Marina- Thank you for that reminder.I need to get past thinking of the 'now'. And thank you for your lovely offer, again <3 <3 I must convince Kevin.

Melanie- Thank you. Kevin said it was 58 degrees yesterday morning when he went running. I am ecstatsic!

Cristina- Hari meow back Bindi and Sunny from all 3 of our crazy kitties. <3 The 3 of them were playing last night so I have high hopes they will get along.

Pampered Mom- Thank you! Ithink they are both pretty special ;)

Renee- Thank you for the wishes! I can't imagine moving with 7 cats! I'm going to have to talk to you about that. ;)

Kyrie- Thank you! I can't wait to meet you and your little ones! I just got an e-mail from Kristi and I am hoping to e-mail her back asap!

Mama Rose- Thank you!

Jumbleberry Jam- Thank you! Ughh sounds just like how our house hunting is going. Kevin found one that was ok but needs a lot of work and we are not sure we are up for that.I am sending good house hunting vibes your way, too!

Stephanie- Thank you! I am going to try and get better pics of her soon.

Praire Girl- Thank you for the blessings and warm wishes! <3

Lisa- Aww, long haired black kitties are so cute! We have a short haired black kitty (Midnight) he is HUGE weighed 18 pounds last time we checked.
Maine would be heavenly! I want to live there someday. Yeah, if you don't like the heat (like me) then I would try and pass on Georgia if you can.

Thank you again everyone for your kindness!

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