Friday, July 31, 2009

Rainbow Friday

The conclusion of rainbow week.

Rainbow keys with our name engraved on them made by MamaRoots. They need a good bees waxing, though.

Rainbow colored wool tapestry

I was very surprised and excited to find out I won the wool felted tapestry on The Mystical Kingdom blog. It was
made by The Moon Goat and is so beautiful. We currently have it on a shelf above the changing table to keep it safe from the cats but I hope to have it in a more prominent (but still equally as safe) place in our next house. Not only did I win an amazing prize but Jessica the owner of The Moon Goat lives near where we will be moving to and has been amazingly sweet helping me learn more about the area. I look forward to meeting her, and all of her wonderful creations in person.

I need to get back to preparing our house for the move (the stress is really taking it's toll on me). Keep your fingers crossed that this heat wave going through the north west is a fluke and won't happen again. I was supposed to be moving away from the heat, not back to it!
I hope you all enjoyed rainbow week, I sure had fun! Thanks, again Shelley! Have a great weekend everyone!



Anonymous said...

That tapestry is GORGEOUS! And Mamaroots is one of my favorite Etsy sellers :-).

I woke this morning to overcast skies and a temperature of about 54 & predicted high of 70. Phew! I think it has passed!

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

I thought I would save my rainbow weeks comments for today. My favorites were this beautiful tapestry of course! And that wonderful mobile too. I posted my own small contribution as well. :)

Doula Mommy said...

Nicole, so beautiful! Thanks for all your postings this week. And much luck to you packing- we're actually packing right along with you, LOL! We are moving as well!

Jessica said...

Love the felt picture! Just beautiful. :)

kate said...

the tapestry is amazing! so rich and beautiful!

Melanie said...

Breathe, mama! Somehow it feels cooler already at 94 today, but I think much cooler temps are on the way. Thank you for all the rainbow beauty...really loved this week!

gardenmama said...

What a beautiful project of finding light and color in the everyday! Your home is filled with such beauty Nicole! Many blessings to you as you are preparing to move, may your days be filled with rainbows, warmth and love!

FrontierDreams said...

Jumbleberryjam - 70 is a slice of heaven for me, thank you forthat wonderful news!!

Renee - Thanks! I will have to check yours out!

Doula Mommy - What?! When?! Where?! Will we get to meet up one last time before we both leave this area?

Jessica and Kate - Thanks! I feel so lucky to have this piece. Her artwork is amazing!

Melanie - Thank you for that reminder! Everything is a blur right now.

Gardenmama - Thank you for your kindness and for stopping by! It means a lot!

Anonymous said...

i <3 those keys and i think tait would too...hmmm, possible christmas present :).

thanks for sharing your rainbows. thought of you from the ocean!

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