Monday, July 27, 2009

Rainbow Week

First, I wanted to thank everyone for their kind words on my yarn dyeing tutorial. They mean a lot to me. That colorway was something I had been searching for but could never find so I had to make my own :) It's been used for K's socks, C baby's sleepy sack, K's secret surprise, ornaments, and more ornaments (to appear this Wednesday). It's my favorite yarn colorway so I know I'll be making and using more to come!

My friend Shelley over at Waldorfmama is celebrating a week of rainbows starting today and I thought I would join her. Here are a couple of our rainbows bringing happiness to our home.

Rainbow air element

Rainbow broom

C's favorite toy - the rainbow stacker (missing a piece stolen by the kitties right before the picture was taken)

K has really been having a hard time lately. With turning 4 soon, the impending move, Daddy being gone for 2 months, and just her strong-willed nature - I can completely understand! We are trying really hard to take some time away from our stressful lives even more right now to help her through all of this. Last weekend we went to her favorite spot (only a 5 minute long bike ride away) to feed the geese. This really made her day.

She climbed up a tree to get a better vantage point for feeding them when we started getting low on bread.

Kevin and his favorite gray goose.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!



boatbaby said...

LOVE the rainbow broom, that's new to me. Where did you get it?

Kimberley said...

I sympathize with all of you! My Mia goes through similar "difficult" can be very hard for everyone mother gave me the best advice when I was at my wits end right before Mia turned 4 she said, "this too shall pass." And it did...and it will again! We love those same rainbow toys at our house!
PS-love the new header!!!

Melissa said...

I love your new banner! Sorry you have a stressful move coming up, that's no fun. Hope you get enough bright spots in your days to keep it in perspective ;o)

Traumkraut said...

wonderful! We got those elements from Grimm's, too. I love love love it. Thanks for sharing!

I'll post some pictures to my blog the next days :-)


Mama Rose said...

Lovely pics...I love the elements pic especially. I'm sure once you're at your new home your little one will be filled with the excitement of meeting new friends and a new adventure. By the way, we just ordered that same Rainbow Broom from Nova and can't wait to get it!!

FrontierDreams said...

thank you everyoneboatbaby - we bought it from nova natural a couple of years ago. our pet rats chewed up the handle on it last year, they loved that thing!they have both since passed away so it's our sweet reminder of them now. both girls liek to use it to help me sweep, which i love!

kimberley - thank you! i have to remember this will pass when we are in the middle of it. i get caught up in the moment sometimes :(

thank you everyone! i have a lot of packing to catch up on tonight.

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

Nicole, I am sure you are doing a wonderful job at giving K what she needs. So good of you to give yourselves the time to slow down. Good luck with the packing! (I've done it way too many times...)

Prairie Girl said...

oh my goodness love everything rainbow!

And very impressed with the proximity to the goose - yikes, that'd make me nervous :)

Cristina said...

Nature is so soothing. She looks so beautiful in the tree...I would love to see more children in trees.

waldorfmama said...

loving your rainbows this week. :) love the goose pic, too!

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