Friday, July 17, 2009

Norfolk Botanical Garden - the Good-Bye Tour Continues

Oh how true!

The Norfolk Botanical Garden is beautiful beyond words and incredibly large... therefore I have a million photos in this post! Really, I had even more I could have shared but I made myself stop. I have been wanting to visit the gardens for a long time now, ever since Kevin and I first moved here 4 years ago but we just never got around to it. There was one day this month where it was a bit overcast and in the very low 80s so I decided the girls and I would take advantage of the nice weather (I can not stand the heat at all so I live indoors most of the summer months). I am so happy we did. Now I just wish we went here more often. Here is a glimpse why:

The Japanese Garden

Lotus flowers

K walking on the rock bridge over the lotus pond

The children's garden

K chasing the 'spitting' frogs

K working the well pump (I remember having a real one in our yard growing up)

K 'in Africa'

C very happily walking to the water play area (yes, she is without a hat in these pics, she wore it the first half of the day and then refused it the rest *sigh*

The butterfly garden

C making friends with one of the butterflies


C showing me her diaper needs to be changed (and her chub-chub belly) in the renaissance garden

Waiting for the shuttle tour

It truly was a magical experience for all 3 of us. It thrills me that the girls have so much fun simply with nature and don't need other entertainment. I hope that lasts a long, long time!
Kevin is back home with us so we are ecstatic right now. We are looking forward to a weekend of fun and hope you have a great weekend, too!



Joy said...

What a wonderful garden to have nearby! I'm sure you will miss it, although I have little doubt that Oregon has some lovely spots as well.

Kimberley said...

Beautiful place...lovely photos! Enjoy your family time now that your husband is back! I know how good that feels!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful! Happy to hear DH is home. There's nothing as wonderful as a happy family all together! :-)

Tan Family said...

Wow...what an amazing place! I'll have to add it to my list of places to go someday. Thank you for the pictures.

Jessica said...

Ooh, I wish we had a Children's Garden like the one there near to us! Beautiful pictures; it looks like you all had a lovely time. :)

mamaraby said...

What a fantastic visit! I especially enjoyed the photo of C letting you know she needed her diaper change. It reminded me a lot of my 18mo old, L. Although, she just walks towards the bathroom repeating "wipe, wipe" instead of lifting up her dress.

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

I'm sure that your girls will be enjoying their time in nature forever!

Melissa Ellen, Honeybee Toys said...

What a sweet goodbye you are having. I love the bee sign. Looking forward to hearing about your new home too.

Prairie Girl said...

oh this place looks simply wonderful. An easy place to get lost for an entire day :)

Prairie Girl said...

I'm back - because, my word, that Skuut bike is AMAZING! Does your daughter love it as much as the kids in the video?

Thanks ever so much for sharing :)

FrontierDreams said...

it really was wonderful! thank you everyone. maybe we'll be able to sneak away just once more before the move.

praire girl- yes yes yes!! she has sooo much fun on it! she is already to the point where she can lift her legs in crazy positions while riding (which cracks me up!) i bet your little one would love it! ;)

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