Monday, July 13, 2009

Colonial Williamsburg - Our Good-Bye Tour

Mid-day parade

Garden beauty

We will surely miss this place. I can even remember coming here on vacation when I was younger with my mother. So there are lots of memories to be had here.
During our past 4 years of living here I have gathered so much inspiration from all the old buildings and learning from the re-enactments of the past. You want to learn about self-sufficient and simple living, this is definitely the place! Of course it's the 'old school' way but, honestly, that's how I prefer it!

This year's lambs

The sheep pastures are one of our favorite spots to visit. We hope to some day have a farm and sheep of our own. Imagine how great it would be to knit from wool off of your very own loved and spoiled sheep!

Tiffeni and K watching the lambs

My friend Tiffeni (from Kinderhaus toys) used to work in Colonial Williamsburg and she took the girls and I on a mini-tour of the pastures and gardens. It was a great day. She really let us in on many of the secrest of the area.
K skuuted along on her skuut bike with a bag on the front of it to gather nature finds.

K riding her skuut bike through some gardens

K really loves the lambs!

C's fever has passed but now she is teething BAD so I apologize for my 'running on little sleep' post



boatbaby said...

I have such fond memories of visiting here as a little girl. I need to bring my little one sometime soon. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

Joy said...

It looks like K had a wonderful time. I really enjoy Williamsburg too. We have a similar spot near us called Old Salem. Our kids really enjoy visiting there and seeing how things used to be done. Lots of wisdom there.

Anonymous said...

Oh, if only I'd "known" you 2 years ago - that's where we took our vacation the summer of 2007! My dh would love to spend about a week there just watching the woodworkers. Looks like you guys had a wonderful day.

Unknown said...

oh will miss that place for sure, but the memories and significance will never leave you. you birthed your babes there, you grew as a mom, wife, friend and woman. you found extended family, inspiration and more love than you probably know. i'm sure you will find different, but just as amazing experiences in your new chapter.

how blessed you are to have had the life you've had there and how exciting to be looking to the future unknown with wise and sure eyes and heart. :)

(besides, living where you will be, you KNOW that i will be making a travel there at some time since i have family there..teehee...even that much closer to getting together even though it's alot further apart).

love you ni...

Maria Rose said...

Great photos! What type of flower is that?

Unknown said...

Looks like a wonderful day. Where are you moving to?

Jessica said...

What a nice way to begin wrapping up for your move.

We have that same little Skuut bike. Our K got it for her 2nd birthday but her legs are still too short to ride it alone!

naomi said...

oh good luck with the teething, and thankyou for commenting on my blog.

Jodie said...

Did the band play any flutes, fifes, or penny whistles?

FrontierDreams said...

boatbaby- of course! i wish i could be here when you come!

joy- i have been wanting to visit salem for a long time now!

nicole- oh no! i wish i knew you then too! we could have had a fun time there with our kiddos!!

cat- i am emailing you but you got to me with that <3 i love you dearly!!!

maria rose- i am honestly not sure, i just happened to get that shot as we were leaving.

adlerfam- we are moving to the other side of the country in oregon :)

jessica- oh that must be such a sight! how cute!! we just got K hers a few months ago. i can't believe how fast she is on that thing already!

naomi- thanks! and thanks for stopping by!

jodie- yes, the boy walking next to the front drummer played the flute, i took the pic right in between songs.

Anonymous said...

I do love goodbye tours! Especially of such wonderful places as CW. Looking forward to your hello tours!! :0)

House plans said...

: Great photos!!! K is so cute while riding her skuut bike.

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