Wednesday, May 27, 2009

WIP Wednesday: Princesses and Apples

New Inspiration

I found this fabric last week and fell in love. It is beyond perfect for K's secret surprise I had been working on (but then was put aside to work on the magazine project). It truly is such luck that I had to put that secret project aside when I did or else I would not have had the opportunity to buy this fabric to add to it. I can't wait for it to arrive at my door step.

Apple Army

Here's a peak at where I am at with that magazine project. I am working on some mini green apples at the moment. As you can see they are all at various stages in my pattern creation. I will be on pause with that project *surprise,surprise* once I get them all knit up, I ran out of yarn and am waiting for it to be shipped to me. I always seem to be on pause with one of my projects, huh? I have my fingers crossed that beautiful fabric gets here first so I can go back to K's project for a tiny bit,at least.

K's Inspiration

K has been really interested in my bulletin board lately and has been wanting one of her own. I knew a 3 year old and push pins would not go together so I made her a quick ribbon board as her inspiration board. I was in the fabric store almost an hour. I had so many beautiful fabrics in my arms I was debating over, great nature prints,bright name it. In the end though I thought deeply on Waldorf philosophy and went with the appropriate plain peachy/pink with a slightly darker pink for the ribbon. I am happy with my decision :)

Not including that time at the fabric store the fabric took maybe an hour total to do. I found the tutorial here . I added more ribbons for her tiny fingers, though.
As you can see she has already started filling it with things she loves, including a silly self portrait of daddy.

Back to my apple army! Happy Wednesday!



Joy said...

I saw that fabric on soulemama's blog yesterday and fell in love with it as well. (At least, I think it's the same.) I posted a WIP Wed post today as well. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the inspiration board - what a great idea! And that fabric. Too cute!! Happy army building ;-)

Marina said...

LOL, I JUST looked at that princess fabric yesterday and was thinking how perfect it would be for your girls!!! I am waiting with baited breath to see K's project!

Love those apples, absolutely adorable! And I am totally styealing your idea for the inspiration board :)

Anonymous said...

Great inspiration board! We have inspiration strings here - which don't look as cute!
Those apples are fun...can't wait to see the final army!

gardenmama said...

Secret surprises, fabric inspiration, Apple army's! Looks like alot of creativity going on at your house! : )

FrontierDreams said...

joy- i love your WIP. i hope to get aroundto that one at some point too. i found a sweet sheep blanket i want to make as a throw for our couch.
it's funny that soulemama posted about getting that fabric too. i laughed when i saw thatmarina- i hope k's project comes out ok! and yes yes steal the board idea!! it works great for little ones.

jumbleberryjam,shellyfish,gardenmama- the apple army is almost complete..well the green apples at least... they have other apple friends joining as soon as i get my other yarn. :p

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