Monday, May 25, 2009

Bling Blang hammer with my hammer

...Zingo, Zango, cutting with my saw

One of my favorite folk songs surely came to mind when Kevin and K were outside cutting up a fallen branch. (They cut it up so the dogs could have an endless supply of sticks to chew on and play with.)

You get a hammer and I'll get a nail
And you catch a bird and I'll catch a snail
You bring a board and I'll bring a saw
And we'll build a house for the baby-o

Bling, Blang, hammer with my hammer
Zingo, Zango, cutting with my saw
Bling, Blang, hammer with my hammer
Zingo, Zango, cutting with my saw

I'll grab some mud and you grab some clay
So when it rains it won't wash away
We'll build a house that'll be so strong
The winds will sing my baby a song


Run bring rocks and I'll bring bricks
A nice pretty house we'll build and fix
We'll jump inside when the cold wind blows
And kiss our little baby-o


You bring a ladder and I'll get a box
Build our house of bricks and blocks
When the snowbird flies and the honeybee comes
We'll feed our baby on honey in the comb


C watched from her favorite place outside, her weathered and very loved horse swing.

I spent all weekend recovering from surgery number 2. This one really messed with my body, well let me re-phrase that, I believe all the drugs they gave me messed with my body, and the anxiety of surgery on top of that made it even harder for me. I'm feeling back to normal for the most part,although I have lost a lot of faith in medicine (not that I had a lot of faith to begin with). After two surgeries, they still could not fix things and I have to go back in a month to find out the next step. Oy vey!
I apologize to everyone I owe e-mails to, I am just now getting around to computer time. I'll get back to you all soon!! Hope everyone had a great memorial day weekend.



Anonymous said...

Love that swing/picture!! :-) I'm so sorry to hear you have yet another surgery to deal with!! Very disheartening, indeed. Be well, k?

Alisha said...

i hope your recovery goes well. i also continue to lose faith in medicine the more and more i come into contact with it - and to think i used to want to be a doctor!

Tan Family said...

Your kids are getting some wonderful hands-on experience with the wood cutting! Hope you feel better. :)

Joy said...

How cute is C in that wooden swing! :) I'm sure K had a blast helping Dad. I hope you heal soon.

gardenmama said...

I love these pictures with the song lyrics to go with them! I love folk music too, a friend made a mix for me, (I don't know who sings it!!) I have been listening to this certain song over and over ...Plow to the end of the row... it is all about farming life.
Sorry to hear of your hospital visits, I wish you healing and blessings!

FrontierDreams said...

i'm getting a lot better, thank you ladies :)

jumble- i don't know why but it's cracking me up to just type 'jumble' right now so i'm keeping it at that! anyways, never mind my loopy-ness. thank you. i look forward to meet ups in the north west ;)
alisha- i should have said i'm losing faith in modern medicine because i still trust in alternatives :P but oh my i hear you!! military physicians seem to be worse than others though and of course that's who i have to deal with.
tan family-thanks! yes, i love that the girls are so hands on, so young.
joy- thanks! that swing is c's favorite place. it was k's as a baby too. i wish i took it in during storms though, it would be a lot better looking!
gardenmama- got your e-mail thank you so much!!! i'm off to find it! :)

Marina said...

Missy, such a sweet song and photos! Thanks for posting the lyrics, we actually have some branches that need cutting down and I think that little ditty will make it even more fun :). Love that swing for C, been waiting to get that for our little Luca Bean... great minds huh ;}?

Take very good care of yourself, sweets. Sending many hugs your way! xoxoxo

Nicole said...

*hugs* Sorry things are difficult on the health front right now.

Love the song; I copied it off so I could teach it to Short Pants.

FrontierDreams said...

marina and nicole- you guys need to find that song online... it's so so sweet!! i bet its somewhere, we have a version off of a putamayo folk cd.
<3 to you ladies!

Amy said...

Aaaw, I LOVE that little swing! Your kids are darling. Would you mind posting that swing photo on flickr? So great.

FrontierDreams said...

thanks! sure it's up:

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