Friday, January 2, 2009

Finding our Rhythm Session two: Waking Verse

Continuing on with our Waldorf learning and incorporating it into all aspects of our daily life...

We have our mealtime verse,our bedtime verse and many songs and verses for activities throughout the day BUT we have yet to pick out our waking/greeting the day verse. I am torn, again, between three of them. Please tell me your thoughts and opinions.

Early in the morning
Oh hear the rooster call.
He struts about the farmyard
'Good morning creatures all',
He flaps his wings and sings to you
'Wake up now, cock-a-doodle-doo'.

Fairies dancing on the lake,
In my dreams before I wake,
Fairies fade in sunlight rays,
Golden morning lights the day.

Good morning dear earth
Good morning dear sun
Good morning dear trees and flowers every one.
Good morning dear beasties
And birds on the tree.
Good morning to you
Good morning to me.

In dreamland,even after being taken off my back!

K and Daddy on walk observing the beauty of nature.



Anonymous said...

I love them a pinch I would pick number 2.

so sorry to hear your friend is moving away....I love your blog and really feel a connection to you, only wish I was closer.....

love from the UK xxxx


Kimberley said...

Hmmm, I like the fairy one and I know my Mia would love it! But, for a family one I like the last one--it really connects with nature right from the break of day!

Joy from NH--

tamlovesran said...


I'm just doing a little blog hopping this morning and wanted to let you know that I enjoyed visiting your blog. I like verse #3 best and am going to memorize it to use with my little one.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, I like #3 but also #2...though I think 3 is a nice way to say 'hello' to the world which it sounds like that is the intention with your morning verse.

I'm glad to see you are back! I love lurking your blog. I have a round of blogs I check in on each day and you're definitely one of my faves. Thanks!

Marina said...

I really like #2 because I love the imagery with the fairies. But I am probably going to steal #3 from you (;]) since it seems more appropriate to welcome and acknowledge the Earth and it's creatures. Thanks for posting these!

Your girls, that first picture... oh my! Those cheeks! yummy, yummy!

Anonymous said...

I like them! I prefer #3 because it reminds me of "good morning to you" from seven times the sun. those are great!

Tiffany in Va

thoroski said...

#3 for sure. :)

Love the sleepy baby pics!

Colleen Miller said...

I like the third one. I might use that too! What is your mealtime verse if you don't mind sharing? I am looking for one. Don't you just love the Ergo carrier? We have one too! Your kids are too cute!

Anonymous said...

I would have to vote for #3 because it is almost identical to the one we use :-)...I have always loved that one...

Unknown said...

#3 is my favorite and I love those sweaters.

Anna said...

We have chickens, so #1 kind of appeals to me, but I think number 3 is really sweet too.

Vegibond said...

I love #3, I think it just flows best with the family. The fairy one if a great fantasy though... but over all, I'd say #3.
Hope you're all well.



Anonymous said...

I really like number 1 because I grew up around chickens and I used to hear the "cock-a-doodle-doo" in the morning when I woke up as a child, so I can associate with it. Number 2 has a very enchanting aura about it which makes it special, and number 3 is more inline with nature as well as the recognition of self. I know it is about rhythm, but can you keep all three?
Just in case you are shaking you head going no, here is my final verdict:
As special as number two is, I am going to have to say number three because of the recognition for self as well as everything else. There is also a presence of respect for dear earth and me as well as everything else in between!

So on that note, number 3 it is!

FrontierDreams said...

Wow! just wow! Thank you everyone for your incredibly thoughtful responses!!

catherine- thank you! i wish you lived closer too <3

Kimberley- i'm kinda the same way, K loves fairies.

Tammy- Welcome! I hope your little one likes it!

Anon- how sweet! you made me blush!

Marina-steal away!!
isn't that pic hilarious?! c is ALL cheeks!!

Tiffany- thank you!

Steph- <3 thank you!

Colleen- thanks! we love our ergo!! we have a beco too but i'm always reaching for that ergo first!
our mealtime blessing is:

earth who gives
to us this food
sun who makes it
ripe and good
dear earth dear sun
by you we live
our loving thanks
to you we give
blessings on our meal
our family
our friends
and our world

tahara- thank you!!what is yours? i'd love to see it :)

martha- thanks you!! i had to knit them matching sweaters. i'm going to drive themn crazy when they are older, i can tell allready.

anna- we plan on having a small farm someday so thats why i was attracted to number 1 too ;)

sammi- so good to hear from you!! i really need to get back in touch!! thank you for responding to this!! i hope everything is great with you!!

pinkpeone- thank you for putting so much thought into this!! i too have thought about just using all of them, and i think maybe i will use just 1 most of the time but every now and then or maybe special occasions use the other 2 as well b/c i love them all!!

ok everyone so after all of that we are going with number 3!! thank you all again so very much!! this means so so much to me that you all took the time to help me out with this! thank you!!!!!! <3 <3

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I found your blog we are a new waldorf family 1 1/2 years and I love the way it has changed our family. We do not have a morning verse either,m I quite like 3, when will you say this verse? Thanks for posting your supper verse as well, ours was too short so I think we will try yours. Love the Ergo, that is the best purchase I made for the little ones.

Sheila said...

i like number 3, but you could always have one for winter months and one for summer or something, if you liked more than one.

FrontierDreams said...

Angela- thanks!! i plan on saying it as soon as we wake up. my 3 year old sleeps in her own room now and when she wakes up she comes and cuddles with me and the baby in bed to wake us up. i looooveeee that!
the ergo is by far one of our best purchases too!

sheila- thank you! i almost want to just say all 3 of them every day!! tee hee.

mamaraby said...

What a tough decision! I think #3 was a good choice to go with. When I read them both #1 and #3 resonated with me. Do you have a favorite source for verses?

FrontierDreams said...

pampered mom- i am lucky to have 2 former waldorf teachers as friends :) but i also use 'seven times the sun' and 'the singing day' a lot as well

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures :)

It's great being able to twist them back onto the sofa still fast asleep (with the sling underneath).

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