Friday, December 19, 2008

wintertime decorating

I've been taking a million pictures as the girls and I decorate our house. So I don't kill you all with all those pictures at's a few to start out!

Pic from another one of our favorite wintertime stories 'the Golden Key'

K's transitional (it has a little bit of autumn and a little bit of winter) nature table in her room

A beautiful transition print given to me by my dear friend and cyber twin ;) and mistletoe from Lizz at Zoloonaturals.

Since we are pretty broke,decorating is more focused on frugalness. You can't get any more frugal than free tree branches your neighbors cut off their Christmas tree and left out by the curb!

Another beautiful print given to me by my dear friend and cyber twin.

Our advent spiral..K has added some additions to it as you can see!

Sledding fun!

Eskimo scene:

a peak at our star money decorations. This is the canopy to our playstands. We hung up a starry night playcloth and I drilled holes into some wooden stars,threaded them with fishing line and hung them from the canopy. They are just like the stars falling from the heavens in 'Starmoney'



Anonymous said...

beautiful! I love the star canopy xxx


FrontierDreams said...

Thanks! the rest of the year we have a blue sky with clouds canopy so it feels so different!

Anonymous said...

It is all so beautiful...Looking good :-)

boatbaby said...

Funny about the neighbor's branches... we took some from the scrap pile at Whole Foods where they were trimming and cutting over-priced trees. Got some great round wood discs from trunk ends too that smell amazing!

FrontierDreams said...

Oh I didn't even think of that boatbaby,Thanks!! Your house must smell amazing!

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