Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Oh so cozy!!!

Gingerbread smells in our house...

to eat with some tea in our special winter time tree set. It's ridiculous but this set of matching bowls,plates cups etc makes me so happy and feel like a real 'grown up' LOL. we have a modge podge of hand me down plates all year round until we get these out. I swear food tastes better when its on matching plates!

The view out my window from my rocking chair the other day. I had male and female blue jays, male and female cardinals and a chickadee all there singing to me, how PERFECT!

knitting c's hat for her 'baby it's cold outside' set. I will post pics of the completed set soon. I haven't taken a pic yet.

I feel like a boring old 'granny' but my favorite spot in the house is in my rocking chair with some knitting. I have some wool coming my way to make cushions for it,as well as some cushions for the girls' rocking chair.



Anna said...

Great knitting spot!
I made that same hat for my little one but added a little pixie-like point to the top, you can see it on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Would you tell me where you downloaded that pattern from? I'd like to make one too!

FrontierDreams said...

thanks! anna, mine ended up kind of having a pixie point on accident! LOL

craftyhomeschoolmama heres the link:

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