Friday, November 21, 2008

Look who's knitting now!!

Yep, that's right! My 3 year old K is knitting!! My Waldorf teacher friend showed her, and taught me how to teach her.

Into the lake,
pull out the snake

That's the verse we use when she does it. She loves it! C took a nap the other day and K and I sat on the couch with some hot cocoa, me knitting my project (longies for C) and K knitting hers.

I finished K's hat. The mittens are done too but no pic yet. Every time she puts this on she sings " I'm a little gnome"

Some yummy yarn that arrived at my doorstep the other day:

The farmyard is still on hold but here's some pics I found on my computer from a couple weeks ago:

I wanted to say thank you to everyone,too for your kind words and stories about the stray dogs. You made my day and really helped me with this. Thank you!! <3 <3 I mean it!



Anonymous said...

Boy, K looks pretty darn proud with her knitting. She must feel just like Mommy! I had to laugh looking at the pics of the farm mat. When my daughter was making hers, the kids were literally playing on the pieces as she was knitting! Just goes to show you what a great toy it is! I LOVE the horse and wagon. For my last birthday my DH gave me a whittling set...and bandaids...and I've done some carving for our gnome house. I REALLY want to try some of the wooden animals. Perhaps after the holidays, or in the Spring when I can make a mess outside!


Jennifer Johnson said...

Sweet photos of your little one. That farm mat looks really interesting. It makes me wish I knew how to knit! Thanks for sharing.

Kimberley said...

Oooh ooh, please elaborate on the teaching of finger knitting...I would love to teach mia! Thanks!
PS--hat is so darn cute!

FrontierDreams said...

Kimara- thats so cute about your grandkids!! I just hope my girls enjoy it as much once it is all done! LOL I would love to see what you comeup with this spring. I' love to try wood working,it fascinates and scares me at the same time!

Jennifer- thank you :) i promise knitting is really easy!! i wish i could teach you somehow!

Kimberley- I'm not really sure how to explain the finger knitting...hmmm lemme see if there may be a website or something with instructions :)

boatbaby said...

Ooooo, where did you get that horse and wagon set?

FrontierDreams said...

boatbaby- I got it locally at Kinderhaus Toys but it's made by speil and holz. i think carries it. hth!

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