Thursday, November 27, 2008

Technical difficulties

well once again we are having camera issues. Luckily not with the camera itself this time but with the software to upload the pics. it has 'stopped working' according to my computer. *sigh* we are calling canon tomorrow to see about this.

In the meantime here's a couple pics I took last week.

a funny pic of our pup paw paw. He'll be a year old the beginning of December!!

And here's some from around our home:

This shelf is above our changing table. It has 2 of my favorite prints (in my favorite frames from nova natural), diaper changing necessities, C's very special piggie bank, a rattle for distractions and one of our favorite hats made by Shelley Caskey on Etsy ( )

This flying kitty hangs above my rocking chair. It looks just like my kitty of 20 years that passed away last January. We call it her angel :)

This is a seasonal mobile that we hang up in the winter time. Its from the grimm's tale 'Starmoney'. We love this story and have quite a few starmoney things through our house at winter time.

Lastly is a beautiful door harp that I haven't put up. I'm probably going to have to wait until we move to put it up. Our house we live in now is rented and falling apart, I could just see this falling right out of one of our cheaply made doors and breaking.

all right,that's about it for now! Happy Thanksgiving. Hopefully my pics will be back to uploading tomorrow!



Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving!...I also love those two prints...My sons love horses and I love the Mama and baby one...They are the two prints I've been wanting :-)

Anonymous said...

Quite an interesting collection.I liked it too...Happy Thanks Giving Dear.

Anonymous said...

Some of my very favorites memories about raising my family came during a time we too were renting a home that was falling down around us! At the time it didn't seem so funny, but in retrospect, it made for some outrages stories. It's obvious you've managed to make it a loving home, and isn't that what really counts? I hope your family had a wonderful day and that the coming years continues to give you many blessings to count!


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