Monday, October 20, 2008

Friday is 'Fiona Day'

After a HUGE pause in our weekly rhythm posts (thanks to Internet problems, I apologize!!) I am back to post the last days of the week. I now give you Friday- 'Fiona Day'

I think this is our favorite day :) Fiona is K's best friend. Every Friday we have a date to get together. Doesn't matter where or what we do but we just have to get together. Since it is mid-October we went Pumpkin Pickin'. We went to this place together last year too. It's literally down the road from my house.

Silly faces on the hay ride.

After pumpkin pickin', we went to the park to have lunch. The girls 'flew' on the swings.
Before we left D'Anne found this amazing smelling plant and we had to gather some to bring home.

K shared her sandwich with some ducks before we left.

We love Fiona Day!


1 comment:

lori said...

that is so awesome there's a fiona day! that would definitely be my favorite day of the week. did d'anne manage to identify the plant? wonder what it is.

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