Saturday, October 4, 2008

Around the home...thank you Shelley!

This post was inspired by Shelley's blog waldorfmama.She is so inspiring and her blog is beautiful beyond words. She knitted C a gorgeous hat and is in the process of making one for her to wear next year(and its colors are like a waldorf kindergarden!) I will post pics of the hat we have now, soon. Shelley is also being featured in the winter issue of Living Crafts magazine due to hit the stand Novemeber this year. One of her knitted doll clothing patterns will be printed in there as well as info on where to buy her hand felted wool ornaments. Her websites to buy all these wonderful things are:

Anyways, she started a Waldorf Home flickr group and we all post pics of inspirational areas of our homes. My home is anything but inspirational,we rent and this house is literally falling apart around us. Luckily we move soon though! Anwways, heres a few things from around our home that we love.


Bulk food and grampa love

Bedside pics

The girls kitchen in our kitchen



Kimberley said...

Beautiful post...your home looks lovely and inspiring...I love the nightlight...where did you get it?

waldorfmama said...

nicole - thanks for all of the blog love! so happy to be an inspiration to you. :) your 'waldorf home' looks lovely!

FrontierDreams said...

Kimberley- I got it from Nova Natural years ago. They no longer carry it BUT it's made by kinderkram so you can search for it online. I know I've seen them at otehr websites for sale. HTH!

Shelley- you're too kind! Thanks for all you do for all of us!!!

denise said...


Anonymous said...

I love these sweet shots from around your home! That nightlight is beautiful. I'm going to have to check out that flickr group--it sounds inspiring!

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