Saturday, July 12, 2008

new haircut,amazing E, and snakes galore

After my pregnancy my hair was pretty ratty looking. Plus I have been growing out my Betty page bangs that I never like on my face. so I went and got 10 inches taken off to donate to locks of love. I feel so much lighter! This pic is a bad pic my hair isn't even washed and I just got out of bed but it gives you an idea, none the less. This cut is saving me seeing how I never have time to do anything to my hair out of the shower.

Last Wednesday our local library had a rattlesnake event. sadly they didn't bring rattle snakes though. kinda odd huh? K loves rattlesnakes right now. But we did see some other amazing snakes and creatures and K's friend Riley was there.

Here's K holding the tail end of a boa constrictor. I can remember holding one when I was in elementary school so K is following in my footsteps!

Here she is petting a milk snake

and in this pic she had just kissed the snake but my crappy point and shoot camera paused and got the picture after she kissed him :(

E,I have decided is a Saint in a baby's body. She is amazing, I can't believe how laid back and easy going she is. The exact opposite of her big sister!!
She even fell asleep on her own sucking on her fingers yesterday! see below

she did the same thing today too. I can't believe it! I am not used to this. And she is content doing just about anything now. She lets me put K down for a nap which can take a 1/2 hour sometimes,lets me clean and sometimes cook too.
She is just so happy all the time. she sleeps for an hour smiles and coos for an hour, then sleeps an hour and smiles and coos an hour..this happens all day long til 8pm then she goes to bed til 6-7 the next morning and we start all over again. shes just so wonderful, I feel so blessed!

Heres how she napped today, with Nara curled around one side and me on the other.
this pic cracks me up b/c of K's face. Nakies as usual.


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Amber said...

That last picture is too precious! I'd say the wee one is in good hands (or paws as the case may be) :)

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