Monday, July 21, 2008

Lazy Morning

1st off, can you believe it? I'm knitting again!! woo hoo!! I finally finished knitting and embellishing all my squares for the knitted farmyard play mat on Saturday,our lazy day as you'll see a pic of below. Now I just have to wait on the other 11 mamas to finish theirs so we can trade and knit them all together! So now I have started on a soaker for E. It's the Pea patch pattern by my friend Michelle (blog is in my list). I'm knitting it in 'Fiona' by Three Irish Girls.

Our garden is flourishing now. Here's some peppers I picked the day my family arrived.

This Saturday morning was one of those mornings I have been dreaming of for years now! We all were in the living room and E fell asleep in her hammock.

My knitting I worked on, finishing up the squares while everyone slept.

K playing with her dollhouse by herself.She was having a blast. And being oh so quiet to not wake anyone up.

Daddy and Nara fell asleep on the couch together.

It only lasted about an hour but it was heavenly.

I'm still editing my post for the family trip! Will be up soon I swear!


1 comment:

Amber said...

Yea for knitting! And I love the baby hammock. That is SO sweet!

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