Monday, June 9, 2008

Monday is muffin day

In keeping with our Waldorf philosophy we are tryin to create rythms/routines for the girls. With E it's not too muc right now other than bed time LOL but with K,she needs more. Before E was born Monday was muffin day and every MOnday K and I would wake up and make muffins for breakfast. Today we finally started back up again. We decided we'd make banana bread muffins since our bananas were very,very ripe. Luckily,none of my muffin recipes call for soy ingredients.
They came out super yummy and K loves to help!

The other day K found a way to get into my make up bag. I was nursing E and she came up to me saying "Mama I'm brushing my hair". I looked up and saw black streaks in her hair,she was brushing her hair with my mascara wand! I couldn' get mad b/c it was so funny!!

Lastly, this is where I found Geisha the other day when I put K down for a nap. Such a silly cat! She is really so special. She wants nothign to do with the rest ofthe family but follows me everywhere and loves me non-stop. I love it!

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