Friday, June 6, 2008

been a little slow...

updating on here that is! It's been crazy here!

1st, a funny pic of E to start my post:

We planted the garden last weekend and have tiny sprouts now!!yipee!!! a got some heirloom variety tomato seeds for canning this year, I'm excited to taste them. K used her chalk and drew on the patio and E slept while we planted the garden. I received a few more seeds in the mail yesterday and will plant them this weekend.

We are starting van shopping this weekend too. We are VERY dissapointed to find out there is not a hybrid van out yet :( But we'll make do.

I have been really decluttering and purging a lot the past week, you can tell by my numbers over there------>
1008 items of 2008!!!! It feels so great! Life will be so much simpler without so much stuff!! Speaking of stuff you must go to
and watch the story of stuff. It's only 20mins long and really makes you think. No more impulse purchases for me! Did you know in america that only 1% of the items we buy stay in our homes past 6months?! we are the worst country at consuming. It's scary! I wanta planet left for my little ones when they grow up so I am only buying things that we really need and will stay with usa VERY long time and will try to always buy handmade. of course a van doesn't fit in the handmade category but we plan on getting one to last at least 10 years.

After attending this months LLL meeting,we think we finally have E's issues figured out. She definately has a sensitivity to soy. I stopped eating it for 2 weeks and her breathing got better and then I ate some to seewhat would happen and she has been up the past 2 nights unable to breathe,so I got my answer there. No soy for us! But another issue for us is my over abundant supply, i'm drowning her! LOL Not really but it causes tummyproblems for her so we figured that out and nowshes a super happy baby!! yay!!

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