Monday, May 19, 2008

soy free foods: the good and the bad

Well last night I made my black bean and sweet potato enchiladas. yum,yum. But we had to make some adjustments.... no toffutti sour cream to top them with anymore so I made some homemade guacamole. We also topped them with some of the 'cheese' I had leftover from the pizza I made. Those switches were great but 1 switch was not so good. We went grocery shopping yesterday and I picked up some tortilla shells for our enchiladas..well they ALL had soy of some kind in them :( The only 1 that didn't was a set made out of brown rice. I figured we'd give those a try. Well, they taste ok BUT the completely FALL APART! Just trying to roll up the enchiladas to put in the oven they would crack and fall apart. So that's not as appealing visually, or as easy to eat but they make do I guess. I am going to search for other options and possibly just make my own from scratch. We'll see!
sweet potatoes:
My sweet potato helper:

The enchilada filling:

Enchiladas,the 2 on the left are with normal tortillas (Kevin got to eat those)

I've been making whole wheat bread too. No pics of that right now. I made a loaf Saturday and it's almost gone! Last night I made Kevin a loaf to bring to work for the week,too.

We went thrift store shopping Saturday and found this rocking horse for the girls. Its not the cutest thing in the world but it was only a few bucks and has a nice rocker on it. I re-stained it with 'tried and true' and I plan on adding a new tail.. anyone know how?

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