Saturday, May 31, 2008

She's in the shop for 8-12 weeks!!!!!!!!

No not my kids or my animals, my other baby my camera :( It was dropped back in October when we went to Disney and has been very messed up since then. We finally bit the bullet and brought it in to be repaired. ESTIMATED at $224.00 to repair and 8-12 weeks with no nice camera :( I'm going through withdrawal all ready and it hasn't even been a week! I'm buying a nice portait lense for it too and now I have to wait to use it :( Kevin has a digital point and shoot so we at least have something to get us by until I get my baby back but of course that won't be anywhere near as nice. *sigh*
Anyways, heres some pics taken a week ago or so.
Here's E sleeping in the beco. This is the view I get when I wear her.

She's getting so so CHUBBY!! It's pretty funny.
Here's a pic of K in a skirt my friend made her. This picture doesn't show how beautiful this skirt really is. I'll have to get more pics. K has a couple more outfits from her too and E got a dress from her as well. Look at how CHUBBY she has gotten since E was born! She has gained 4-5 lbs!!

K and Nara playing in the backyard:

Our garden is ready for planting now!!

Kevin put up the fence last weekend and tilled the soil. We are plantin this weekend. I can't wait. We are last in the season this year but should still be ok.

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