Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Grandma's visit and other things

Grandma (Kevin's mom) came down to visit us for most of last week. It was really nice and K had a bast with her (see pics!). She had more energy with K than I ever do! Poor C didn't get much time with her though b/c she was just 2 week at that point and only slept and nursed the whole time she was here. Even the kitties were happy to see her. This was the 1st time they met her.
We went out to a few places during her visit but mostly stayed home resting and playing. We had the pics at picture people taken while she was here too so she got to experience the beanie madness there LOL.
She brought beanie presents and beanie is in love with the BIG box of waldorf beeswax crayons. She plays with the everyday.
She helped me,personally, out so much during her visit and I am beyond thankful for that!!

C in her cute organic sprout outfit
kevin burping C over his knee and K wanting 'in' on the picture at Grandma's hotel. We left K with Grandma to go get groceries and she made crafts with her,see below. she decorated gift bags during that visit.

Grandma and K playing with her knitted sheep. Grandma played with K a lot which was amazingly helpful and wonderful for us all! It made K so very happy and allowed C and I some time to bond <3 br="">
K once again being a monkey hanging from the tire in our backyard.

Grandma and K throwing balls to each other through the tire.

C in a super sweet hat that our friend Michelle (see our blog lists: michelle's knits) knit her <3 br="">
C cooing for the camera.

we call this one the zoolander face!

K wanted her picture taken so how could I refuse? This is her eating her organic just mangoes pretending to be a kitty.

Grandma and C the night before she left.

C being super silly and excited in a cute outfit to go see our friend Tiffeni.

A funny pic of C in a hat we bought from Tiffeni's. We love this hat!

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