Friday, May 16, 2008

Back to basics, the simple life

Pretty much since becoming pregnant with C I stopped making home made food and we ate processed junk or ate out. It was organic but still processed and not good for our bodies. Well C is making me change that,thank goodness, I needed this push to get back on track. C is still congested, it's been almost a month now, we can't figure it out. I was told of the possibility of a food sensitivity. Soy and dairy are the biggest offenders for babies and since I don't consume dairy I am left with soy.
Let me lament for a moment over the love of soy.. *sigh* It's literally in EVERYTHING in one form or another. And I do really love our fake items that all contain high amounts of processed soy (fake meats, fake cheeses,etc etc) so I know this will not be easy. The whole family will be omitting soy this time around. When I had K she had a soy sensitivity the first few months of her life but Kevin still ate soy while I tried to go without. That made it a lot harder. But this time around we are all doing it to see how it affects us and if it makes us all healthier.
So as you can see I was sad about this transition at 1st but now I'm excited over it. I miss making meals from scratch and now pretty much every meal will need to be made this way. I have also been meaning to get us sugar-free and since I am making everything myself now I will get the sugar out of our lives too! We had whole wheat pancakes this morning for breakfast- yum,yum which is the beginning of our soy free life.
I made some home made soy-free and sugar-free BBQ sauce this morning too and I will be making some soy-free cheese in a bit for our dinner tonight. We are going to have a 'Native Foods' BBQ pizza. *drool* Kevin had K while I made the sauce and C was in the beco on my chest but we'll see how I do with all this 'from scratch' cooking once Kevin is back at work (Monday YIKES!).

and here's what we had for dinner... BBQ pizza!
It was yummy minus the pizza dough I made being a bit too thick so I will cut it in half next time. I ran out of time so I made the dough in the bread maker. Ahhhh yes, I cheated a bit!
I made the cheese which was super yummy and cooked some Peppers and onions to put on it. I also added some BBQ'ed seitan and some fresh cut cilantro. I didn't take pics of the 'cheese' on the pizza b/c I was supposed to pipe it on but I made the 'cheese' too late to it was too liquidy to pipe. Next time I'll have pics of that!



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