Sunday, April 6, 2008

car seats, stress and a beautiful baby blessing

Today we installed Sprouts car seat. It's Lini's old bucket seat, we are temporarily using it until we can afford another Britax. I will feel a lot better once Sprout is in a Britax though,knowing the safety ratings etc. We have the seats side by side right now as you can see in the pic. Our car is very small and crammed. We really need a van but b/c of our debt it,sadly, will be a year at the very least before we can afford one. This really scares me b/c I don't like the idea of 2 kids crammed in the back seat of a small car, its very unsafe :(
Anyways, Lini was excited ot sit in her seat today with the baby's next to her. She brought a doll with her and buckled it in.

We promised Lini we'd take her to Blue Bird Gap Farm this weekend to see the new baby animals but it rained ALL weekend. We did not want to break our promise though though so we still went for a very short trip. She got to see the baby goats,chicks and lambs. She was happy. Daddy also let her hold the umbrella at one point. As you can see he was pretty much cut off by it! LOL

On Saturday the super sweet Amanda and Betsy had a baby blessing for Sprout and I at Amanda's house. It was so wonderful and amazing. The mamas that attended are all such inspiration for me and I hope I can labor and birth as well as they have. I feel beyond fortunate to know them all and so honored they came to celebrate Sprout with me. It was just sucha warm safe feeling I had the whole time i was there. I didn't want to leave but after 4 hours Kevin was looking for us LOL
K was super excited about the baby blessing but of course as soon as we got there she was gone playing with all the kids LOL. She had a blast! She did join us near the end though for picking out the yarn and tying it around our wrists... see pics!

and here is my birth bead necklace. Every story shared with me and every desire will stay with me all through labor as vividly as when they were told to me. Lini even knows which bead is from who and which child they represent.

I am so grateful for all these mamas did for us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Carle said...

Oh how I long to nurse again, maybe this year we will fall preggie :)


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