Thursday, April 10, 2008

Patience stinks!

Well, I'm 39 weeks today. Kinda starting to get impatient finally. It's funny b/c i want this babe to stay in so I can get more lini alone time and get things done but yet I'm getting scared from seeing others babies stay in long and come out HUGE. Lini was so tiny and everything was so big on her so this time around I bought tons of super small things and watch me not be able to use any of them! ughh.
I had my 39 week dr's appt today and nothing, no changes nothing to even make us think labor is anywhere near, BUT then again it was the same way with Lini,labor came out of nowhere.

Today was our 1st day of sunshine in about a week. We went out in our backyard in bummy clothes to play in the mud and play with Nara. As you can see shes even bigger! She's alsmost the same height as Lini when she's sitting up.We normally take her to the dog park at least every other day or so now and she gets wiped out there. Shes really turning around and calming down now. Perfect timing with Sprout coming.. SOMEDAY!

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