Wednesday, February 20, 2008

K's 1st drawings and Sprout's coming home outfit is done!

well, Sprout's coming home outfit is prettt much complete now with the cardigan to go with those longies I made and a hat as well. I will also bring a pair of socks to go under the booties and a t-shirt to go under the cardigan. The cardigan seems to be a bit big so I'm not sure about Sprout being able to wear it right away.

Yesterday I was busy cleaning and I heard K say "I made something come see!!" with a cute, proud giggle. So I went to see what she was doing and she had out her sketchbook and crayons. I looked at her picture (the top one in purple) and she told me it's a kitty cat and she then proceeded to show Midnight and Geisha her creation. I was completely blown back by this b/c I never expected her to be able to actually draw anythign at 2 years and 5 months of age BUT also what makes this more amazing to me is that we follow the waldorf teachings so we don't show her how to draw,she doesn't see us draw or anything like that so she did this all on her own without any adult pushing etc.

Then that night she wanted to draw for Daddy when he came home and drew these kitties. None of her kitties have ears LOL but we are not telling her how to draw them so they will look how she feels they should look like.

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