Sunday, April 3, 2016

A weekend of firsts

first time first first first K working on her unicycle balance K working on her unicycle balance distracted IMG_5508 My little guy got distracted by the flowers and brought me some. ice skating ice skating ice skating rink We had quite the big weekend full of firsts. Little L moved on up from his years of Skuut biking to a pedal bike. Like his sisters before him, he took to it pretty easily. We had to convince him to change out of his Bogs and into some softer soled shoes, though. He had a hard time feeling the pedals and his feet would slip off of them. He gets a bit frustrated that he can't go as fast on his pedal bike as he can on his Skuut but with a little bit of persistence I know he'll persevere.

The day after he learned how to ride his pedal bike, we went ice skating with friends for a birthday celebration. All three of my older children had a blast (Baby F was a bit chilly). K learned how to ice skate back in Portland with her first grade class, but C and Little L had never tried it before. On a side note: I felt bad about C not knowing, I was adamant about her learning in first grade as well but time just got away from us. Oh well, we did actually finish first grade in the fall so I guess I wasn't too far behind.  Kevin went out on the ice with the children since I was happily preoccupied with our tiny baby. C and Little L were both a bit nervous so Kevin found them ice walkers to help them learn their balance. C became braver and was head over heels with ice skating after that. In fact she loves it so much she asked for ice skating lessons for her birthday and an ice skating party. I hope we can somehow pull it off for her. She deserves something special of her very own.

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