Sunday, January 27, 2013

Field Trip

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Whenever K's class has a field trip, C, Little L and I are always up for whatever the adventure may be and volunteer to help. Well, unless we are sick like the week before last - we so wanted to go with K, but just couldn't. This latest field trip was even more enticing to C and Little L because we had the opportunity to ride the school bus or "choo-choo" as Little L calls it (Anything with wheels is a "choo-choo" at the moment). It was a day trip to the local ice skating rink. Her school has a tradition for the first graders to go about three times or so in the winter.

C and K were partners for the bus ride while Little L was mine. C was like part of the class. I have to say it was so endearing to see C in line with the big kids to get on the bus.  I even witnessed K kiss her on top of the head. I live for those moments! I don't know who enjoyed the bus ride the most but all of my little ones were beaming the whole time.

Being able to help out the children and watch them skate was a blast. Many parents helped out on the rink skating along side the children.  C and Little L stayed by my  side on the side lines as I was not about to try teaching C how to ice skate while doing it myself with a baby on my back. The last time I ice skated was back in my hometown in New York when I was ten or so and believe me I fell down more times than I could count! Somehow I don't think Little L would appreciate me falling over and over again.

This was the class' second trip to the ice skating rink. Some already knew how to skate but I would say that most did not. We get more rain than snow or ice here in Portland so it's not what I would call an ice skating area. K did not know how to skate before her first trip out there and she is still building up her confidence. She started out hanging on to the wall but after her teacher and  other parents took her around a couple if times she let go of the wall and started skating around on her own. You could  see the pride in her face. Every time she passed by us she would stop and say hello to Little L quick, show him how cold the ice was (which he would follow with "ah two" which means cold in Little L language) and give him big hugs before doing another lap around the rink.

All of the children picked it up pretty quickly and were hungry (even with a midday snack) and exhausted by the time we had to ride the bus back to school. I was tired just from watching them. I hope my little ones and I can tag along again for the next go.

I've said it before but I am going to say it again and again-the wisdom of Waldorf education never ceases to amaze me. Every single thing is very intentional. The age of children in the first grade ( 6 1/2 to 7 1/2) is the perfect time for them to pick up skills such as ice skating, knitting, etc. Watching K's class learn these skills firsthand, proves to me just how spot on it all is.

p.s - I said I wouldn't mention it again but the top 25 creative moms voting ends this Thursday at 4pm and Frontier Dreams is slipping down each day. Let's see if we can try to keep it up in the top ten. I know we can do it but only with your help!! You can vote here.

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