Sunday, July 20, 2014


blossom tee blossom tee big eyes! blossom tee blossom tee blossom tee blossom tee silly sisterblossom tee blossom tee

I finally blocked C's Blossom Tee, the test knit designed by my friend Katherine, over the weekend. As soon as it was dry C took it off the rack and put it on over the (rather poufy) dress she was wearing. She loves it! She is usually the most enthusiastic about receiving handknits, even if she swears all wool is "itchy". I just had to snap some pics of her in it right at that moment, so please forgive the back patio photos. It was just much too hot to go out in the sun and shade isn't easy to find here. We'll go take proper photographs when it cools down a bit, assuming the tee hasn't been worn to a raveling. I have a feeling she'll be wearing it quite often. I love that it can be worn alone in the summer and then worn over a long sleeve shirt in the fall and winter as an extra layer of warmth on one of the most important parts of the body to keep warm (besides the head.)


Thank you for all of your advice and kindness with my headache. Thankfully, it started to calm down over the weekend. I made an appointment with the doctor for this week but I am now starting to think a possible cavity may be the source of this headache and a trip to the dentist might be more appropriate. I'll give it another day or so to see.

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