Wednesday, July 16, 2014


I haven't had a headache since about 1998. That's the year I gave up aspirin/Tylenol (and all other pain medications). I can clearly remember coming to that decision. I was living in Georgia at the time and just tired of feeling like my life was run by my headaches. A kind woman at Soul Vegetarian (my favorite restaurant in Georgia) must have seen my pain because she showed me a couple of pressure points to relieve headaches, told me to drink more water and suggested peppermint and lavender oil rubs on my temples to heal the pain. I decided I would follow her advice and use those remedies instead of aspirin. Funny, as soon as I gave up the aspirin, the headaches stopped coming, so I didn't even need to remedies.

I only mention this because I had forgotten how debilitating headaches were until about three days ago when I suddenly got one. It seemed to come out of nowhere and has decided to stay for an extended visit. I have been going to bed at 9:30 each night and sleeping in until about 9 in the morning hoping lack of sleep was the culprit, but alas, the headache remains. I can't seem to focus, as I drift through this haze, blinded and disoriented, but I know it will pass. It has to. So while I work through this, here are a few snapshots from our days.

GRAPES! We haven't been able to find any organic grapes since we moved to Idaho Grapes! Yes, that exclamation mark is absolutely necessary as we have not seen organic grapes since we left Oregon. Oh happy day! Visiting with dear friendsvisiting with dear friends Visiting with dear friends we miss so much. FYI - Watching two sets of Waldorf children who aren't exposed to media try to interact via Skype is utterly hilarious! Oh how I love them!! WIP old barn ladder WIP old barn ladder (in need of a good cleaning and beeswaxing) A WIP - an old barn ladder in desperate need of a scrubbing and beeswaxing. I am hoping it will work for what I have in mind in our living room. never leave your dog alone with a library book :( Never, ever leave your dog alone with a library book. The picture says it all. yogurt project yogurt project Non-dairy yogurt experimentations. This is our fourth batch. Each one is getting better and I hope we can perfect it soon. It is so much cheaper and healthier to make our own. explorers explorers explorers L's shark tattoo tired explorer My little explorers (inspired by this Martin & Sylvia story) explorer in a tree

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