Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bits and Pieces

for the birds - inspired by Tend A bowl filled with nest making supplies was placed outside near our feeders, inspired by Tend (have you checked it out yet? You need to, trust me!) The girls has fun cutting up some of our softest yarn and my recent sewing scraps. I hope the magpies building their nest in our one and only tree use some of these goodies.
Chai spice smoothie Chai spice breakfast smoothie topped with soy whip and cinnamon - nothing like a little bit of heaven in your cup to start the day!
magpie at sunset
One of our nesting magpies at sunset. I love these birds
...but not as much as I love this silly little guy here and his big blue eyes! I often wonder if his eye color will change from his Horner's Syndrome. They still might.
3 and counting
No explanation needed. K is still counting and hoping.
winter abundance ( kale)

winter abundance
Even though it's spring we are not quite ready to give up what may quite possibly be the yummiest dinner ever - the winter abundance bowl. Oh my! I make ours on top of a bed of uncooked kale for some extra goodness (because, honestly, I just can't ever get enough of kale!)
2 lost teeth
C has now had TWO visits from the tooth fairy. Just like the first tooth, this one literally just fell out into her hands as she was talking.
my sewing helper My late night sewing buddy - just because I can't seem to go one post without mentioning sewing, as of late.

Have a beautiful weekend everyone! We plan on camping out in the backyard with our tents and eating only food cooked over the fire. I sure hope the weather agrees with our plans.

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