Thursday, January 2, 2014

These days

 ...are full with :
Homeschool Preparations
Making homeschool preparations

painting help
...with a little help

Sunbathing in the winter

Creating temporary place space amongst the boxes (with these new playsilks)

puppet show puppet show IMG_2097 puppet show
Enjoying puppet shows given by K with a very special marionette made by her former handwork teacher
at Portland Waldorf School

IMG_1333 IMG_1335
Watching the splendor our endless skies bring

All while continuing to celebrate Christmas

Christmas star Still following the star to Jesus

The three kings are still following the star in search of the Christ child

IMG_1776 IMG_1782
Spiral of lights with Boise Waldorf homeschooling group

My cup runneth over.
Loving the fullness of life!

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