Monday, January 6, 2014

New found independence (with a side of meltdowns)

outside outside outside outside outside painting making (and tasting) bread

Oh boy, this little Bubba Guy of mine (he gave himself that name, by the way.) He is growing up right before my eyes! This move has brought out a new side of him. Within the first couple of weeks of our arrival in Idaho, he decided he was done with nursing to sleep, which was the only time he nursed. This makes him my earliest baby to wean and also puts me in a place I haven't been in over eight years  - not pregnant and/or nursing. Perhaps this explains why I am having such a strong case of baby fever right now! But not only was Little L done with nursing to sleep but also Mama putting him to bed. He only wants Daddy to get him down and it takes mere minutes, compared to the half hour to an hour it would take me.


Little L proclaimed that diapers are a thing of the past and using the potty is all he wants to do now (just like his big sister C did - One day she woke up, flat out refused to wear diapers and never looked back.) It's time to invest in some organic little boy undies! We gave up on using our little wooden potty both girls used, since aiming is not his strong point, and went ahead and got one of these instead. I think this is one of the best inventions ever. Okay, that might be a bit much but it really has been such a help in the whole potty learning process.


My baby boy is starting to show his independence. Usually he is my little cling-on, but lately he has been spending time entertaining himself or playing with his sisters. Of course this new found independence has also brought about sudden and dramatic needs to be in my arms as well as meltdowns. This is all new territory for him and he needs reassurance, and guidance to continue on this journey. No trouble there, we are all usually fighting over his attention (unless the girls are distracted by our kitten.) This growing boy has us all wrapped around his little finger. We love him so much!!

p.s. - Thank you for all of your hair cutting advice! He makes me so nervous with his sudden movements as I am trying to cut his hair so I have been just trimming it back a little bit at a time. I'll get there eventually, right? Although I do really love the Christopher Robin hair!

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