Thursday, December 5, 2013

As promised: our little road trip in pictures

For our own sanity, we split the seven hour trip into two days. Considering that we didn't leave until sunset on Thanksgiving day (we planned on leaving early that morning but you know how life goes with little ones), it worked out really well. We had to drive through the snowy Blue Mountains in the dark which brought on bit of a anxiety for me so I sat in the passenger's seat praying the rosary to calm my nerves. Kevin is an excellent driver but I heard too many horror stories about driving through those mountains in snow before we left. Why do I listen to those things? Anyways, here's some bits and pieces from the trip:

safe from the dogs Keeping the cats safe in the hotel while the dogs are out of their crates (that big black lump in front of Simpkin is Midnight) Little L on the road Eastern Oregon Eastern Oregon (Baker's City, to be exact) "ice skating" playing with ice (eastern, Oregon) "ice skating" 132 "ice skating" in Eastern, Oregon 133 Whoops! Little L landing on his bottom rolling around in the grass at the mountain home visitors center Finally in Mountain Home! My crazy family hopped out of the van to roll around in the grass surrounding the visitor's center (mocking me for kissing the grass in Oregon) Arriving under the Idaho stars (totally blurry photo) Playing around with my camera as Kevin checked us into our room in Idaho. I can see the stars!! cuddles cuddly children <3 evening knitting in temporary lodging evening knitting
Snuggly evening in temporary lodging.

For those that thought I was exaggerating about the tree situation - May I present Mountain Home just before the sun set: Mountain Home just before the sun set (see - no trees!) Looking to my right mountain home Looking to my left mountain home Looking straight ahead. Isn't the sky huge and beautiful?! trees!!

We discovered that trees can be found in the downtown area of Mountain Home. Of course they were all planted their by man so they seem really out of place but still a sight for sore eyes!

I have a little story to go with that picture above. We are currently in temporary lodging. Kevin's job pays for it for ten days and then we are supposed to have a house by the end of that ten day period. Considering that our house is still for sale back in Oregon and we are still paying the mortgage and the bills it's pretty hard to find a place to live that we can afford. We made up a budget, and after seeing it, said some prayers that the old house will sell fast. Kevin searched for anything available in the area within our price range. He came up with five places. Three were ruled out right away due to our pets, one never called us back and the last one said the place was available right away. We piled the family into the van to go check it out realizing it was more than likely our only choice until we no longer have to pay the mortgage back in Oregon. When we pulled up to the place it looked really cute. It was a small home built in 1945. Kevin went in first to meet with the owner. The kids and I sat in the van and I snapped this picture of a quaint, old pick-up truck and Christmas lights. Then Kevin signaled us to come in and look at the place. I will spare you details of the inside (which should have been condemned years ago) but I keep feeling like their are bugs crawling all over me, L burned his hand on the open heating unit, and... I said I will spare you the details so I will stop there. Oh but one more thing, did I mention it was recently infested with brown recluse spiders?!?! I know it will just be a temporary home until we can afford a place out in the country, but that can't be our only choice. If that is all we can afford until our house sells - Lord, help me get through this!!! I know something will come up and we'll get through it, just as we always have.

Let's jut go back and look at the pretty pictures of the sky again, shall we?

In other news, K lost a tooth tonight at the community tree lighting we attended. So not only will Saint Nicholas be visiting but the tooth fairy as well! You can see our Saint Nicholas day celebrations here. Pictures and more to come!

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