Monday, December 9, 2013

Saint Nicholas' gift to me

Saint Nicholas Day Saint Nicholas eve Handmade gifts from the PWS store bought before we left Oregon L's gift from Armadillo Dreams IMG_0345 058 Please ignore all the junky food. We are struggling to find healthy eats here. Santa Lucia reading and play Jesse Tree and bare Advent wreath Jesse Tree Advent spiral Little cuties Simpkin Who could that be on top of the cupboards in our temporary housing? Simpkin Oh, hello Simpkin! two Simpkins Will the real Simpkin please stand up?

After quite a bit of worrying (for reasons unknown) the girls were happy to see that Saint Nicholas did indeed come to Idaho, too. We didn't have any hay or carrots on hand for Saint Nicholas' donkey this year so the children decided to leave him some lettuce instead. Little L went a bit overboard stuffing his shoe sending his sisters into a fit of giggles.

I overheard K and C talking to one another late one night last week. They mentioned that Saint Nicholas always brings a clementine and a golden wishing walnut, so they knew they could count on those. What a beautiful gift Saint Nicholas gave me that night - a reminder that the simplest of traditions are what my children treasure and remember most and keeping with those traditions will help bring back some much needed rhythm and sanity.

The girls little chat sent me on a last minute secret drive all the way to Boise to pick up some gold paint at a craft store (The movers accidentally packed the paint I had set aside.) The children ended up getting their wishing nuts and clementines just as they expected. They also received a new Christmas book - Strega Nona's Gift. I love how this book covers most of the Dec/Jan holidays from Saint Nicholas day to Epiphany. C and K received small handmade dolls they had their eyes on back at the Spring Creek store and Little L woke up to a shepherd and sheepfold set from Armadillo Dreams. All in all, everyone was happy so that made me happy.

The girls are excited for Santa Lucia day coming up (Little L's name sake day!) and have already begun reading Lucia, Saint of Light and digging out their Lucia bride sashes and crowns. K plans on making it an even bigger celebration this year and wants to sing and bring buns to everyone in temporary housing. We'll see what we end up doing.

While we are talking about Advent traditions, I thought I would include our Jesse Tree. It is very simple this time around using printed ornaments found here. I like the tree we are using much better than our usual paper one so I think we will continue to use it each year but perhaps make our own ornaments out of wood or felt instead.

I could sit here typing all night but try as I might, that just won't bring me any closer to finishing the Santa Lucia outfits in time. See you back here soon for KCCO!

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