Sunday, October 6, 2013

How the government shutdown is affecting my family

IMG_6480 IMG_6485 IMG_6481 K carved this baby pumpkin for Little L gift for Little L from my cousin Margie IMG_5400 doll car seat (K made it from the box L's piggie bank was sent in) sewing in the window making clothes for their bunnies sewing bunny clothes IMG_4270

*Sorry, I wish I could have thought of a better title to this post!*

I try to stay away from politics and anything controversial, but this time the politics came to me, so I have no choice but to face them head on. I am speaking of the current government shutdown.

Like many other Americans at the moment, Kevin is still required to go to work and keep his crazy hours there but he doesn't receive a paycheck. We were told that once the government is back up and running we will get back pay, which is good, but what happens in the meantime? We live pay check to pay check so taking even just one away (with the promise of back pay) prevents us from buying groceries or paying bills for the following fifteen days. As far as we know they still expect us to somehow pack up and move by the end of the month without any way to pay for it, too.
We are in a bit of a pickle, for sure, but I have faith that we will get through this. Uploading these pictures tonight made it very clear that we will get by. When I look at pictures like the ones above - how can I not feel incredibly blessed and so very rich with love?! Isn't that truly what matters most?

I know we are not alone in this. In fact, I have quite a few friends in the same predicament as us (or worse!) and it breaks my heart. I want to do anything and everything I can to help them and ease their pain. I am still trying to figure out what I can do to help out more. Some of us have been discussing potluck meals and community childcare. That seems like a good place to start.

Then I see articles like this, showing how devastating this shutdown is to already vulnerable families. I want to reach out to them and help them find the hope, courage and support they need during this hard time. What can we do to stand up for these families both local and across the country? I would love to hear your ideas and thoughts on this. What can we do to come together and help them as a community?

 Please hold these families close and keep them in your thoughts, and if you have a moment, say a prayer for them, too. Love can go so very far!

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