Sunday, September 1, 2013

To the faithful departed

Baptisim Baptisim Baptisim IMG_5780 IMG_5775 By grace alone, I was able to get my children Baptized today. Such a happy day!! My girls have been waiting and waiting for this day. Their Baptism was a huge priority for me and I worked so hard to try and get it done before we moved. I didn't think it would all come together but at the very last minute, it did. We stopped the craziness around us to savor this moment in our lives.

No time for handmade Baptismal gowns; a quick stop at the thrift store would suffice. No one to take pictures of it all; the feelings in my heart and a couple of quick pics (with two of my three children a bit tired and ready to go home) at the end will do just fine.

I called my Mom a couple of days ago to let her know it was happening and she said that my Grandfather would be so happy. Her words stuck with me. My Grandpa was such an important person in my life - he was really always more of a father than a grandfather to me. I always said I would be okay in life as long as I had him and my cat. He passed away in his sleep on father's day when I was twenty years old. I can remember it all so clearly. I was living on the other side of the country (from my family in NY) in California at the time. I had called him earlier in the day to wish him a happy father's day and he wasn't at all like himself when I talked to him. He told me I needed to stop goofing around and get my life together.

I took his death pretty hard and in some ways I don't feel like that is something I could ever fully recover from. But I did listen to his words and finally got my life together. I owed it to him and myself. Thank you Grandpa. This is for you!

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p.p.s - Because I don't want to forget this - Little L kept telling us the story of his Baptism all day long today - "Bubba hot amen dupe dupe!!" translation - I had warm holy water poured on my head!

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