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Early Endeavors giveaway!

I am pleased to introduce you to Jessica of Early Endeavors - Parent coaching for peace and change.
Jessica founded Early Endeavors in 2011 with over 10 years of experience and education in child development and coaching. She uses her own skills and passions to collaborate with parents and teachers and help them make successful changes that bring them more happiness and fulfillment. I only just recently discovered Jessica myself and I am so happy I did. I look forward to every bit of wisdom and word of encouragement she has to share.

Please join me in welcoming Jessica.

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Please tell us a bit more about your self. I'm a mom of 3, living in the pacific northwest (where I grew up). My kids are 11, 6 and 7 months and they have taught me more about life in the last 11 years than anything in the first 21 years before them! I'm inspired by nature, good books and things that keep my hands busy. Our family takes full advantage of everything the environment our here has to offer. From forests and trails to oceans and beaches - we love being out in it together!
What inspired you to start your business? Definitely my kids - before my first was even born! I knew that I wanted to parent with the long-term relationship in mind. I wanted to be in partnership with my kids and be the confident, gentle leader that they needed. It's been a hard, beautiful, exhausting and joyful experience to learn how to do just this. Early Endeavors is my way of helping other parents who want do do things differently or need some guidance, love and non-judgmental support. The parents really have all the answers and I just come alongside them and help them with the tools to make it all work.
What's your favorite part of your job? My favorite part is getting to hear all of the beautiful, powerful, remarkable changes being made in the world. Parents are stepping up and working to leave this world better than we found it - for our kids.
How are your children incorporated into your business? My son, 11, likes to sit down and read all of my content and copy as I'm writing! I love this. He gives me lots of feedback and a kid's perspective on parenting. His insights are valuable and this dialogue even helps our relationship.

What offering in Early Endeavors are you most excited about right now? I'm really excited to be working on an e-course that families can work through at their own pace. This course will be delivered via email and video, have built-in support with monthly coaching Q&A calls and be affordable so that it is accessible to any family that needs it.
What advice would you give a new parent? Trust your gut. Look to your baby for cues. If someone offers you advice - process it and decide if it jives with what you know to be true in your heart. You are your child's advocate and safe place.
What is one thing each family could do to make their home lives a bit calmer? I think we could always, always, always go s-l-o-w-e-r. Simplify the to-do list and only do the priorities. Stay home more. Build in lots of do-nothing and wants-nothing time. It's hard in this time of computers, smartphones and apps to just relax.

Tell us what you envision and dream for the future of your business. I love seeing the changes and the way that this work ripples out and effects so much more than I can ever touch on my own. I want to see this business get bigger than me - to outgrow what I can do by myself. Right now, my dream is to talk to as many parents as I can, create more ways for people to work with Early Endeavors (beyond one-on-one coaching) and create a community of parents who are committed to being in relationship with their children and to supporting each other.

Do you have a favorite inspirational quote? I like so many! Right now I'm identifying with: Hurting people, hurt people. Not very inspirational but a good quote for working with my feelings. I don't know who it belongs to but it reminds me that it goes both ways. Kids lash out when they're hurting inside - so do adults. When I think of it, I check in with myself - like, what's hurting you right now? What are you going to do with that? It helps me process my feelings so that I can be present for my kids.
Anything else you'd like to add? One of my most important messages is  - take care of yourself and move past your mama guilt. You're not a better parent for sacrificing your own time and needs or dwelling on what you could have done better in a given situation. You ARE a better parent when you take care of yourself, are gentle with you and process and move on from the tough stuff.

Thank you, Jessica. I really couldn't agree more!

Today Jessica is offering one of you lucky readers a one-on-one session. This session will help you identify key parenting/life issues, your own limiting beliefs around them and how to shift these things to get what you need and change your relationships! Some examples of things she has covered with private clients includes: yelling, feeling overwhelmed, kids not listening, tantrums, lying - the list goes on and on.

For your chance to win, simply leave a comment on this post!

If you would like an additional chance to win:

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and please make sure to come back and leave me another comment letting me know you did so! I will close comments on Wednesday September 5th and announce the winner within this post.

Comments closed. The winner is:

Oh my gosh I NEED THIS, really! I was just thinking last night I yell WAY too much, especially in the evening! And I want to stop : /

So would love the chance to win, thanks!
Congrats!! Please e-mail me at: farmergopi (at) yahoo (dot) com

Good luck everyone and thank you again, Jessica!

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