Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Escape into the woods & just like me

Some days it's best just to surrender, drop everything and escape into the woods. 005 006 014 023 About 1/4 of the way into the hike K decided she was done and proceeded to sit down in protest. 042 038 She quickly changed her mind though, once she spotted endless amounts of lupines. 028 C's legs are now tired. Time for a switcheroo! Kevin and C Good thing we brought the extra Ergo. 047 K found a new friend. I can not remember what she named him, for the life of me, but I do know it was something ridiculously cute. She fell in love with him and needed to carry him on the rest of the hike. Escape into the woods 057 escape into the woods 060 067 As I was trying to sneak a picture, K turned around with the expression on her face you see above. I knew it was time to put the camera away; she really needed me. She told me that she thought she may have dropped her caterpillar. She started turning around in circles looking for him. When I came closer I saw what happened. She did, indeed, drop her caterpillar and accidentally stepped on him in the process of looking for him. I had to break the news to her and she cried so completely. I tried to comfort her but it was obvious her little heart was broken. We did a quick burial and prayer for him and that seemed to help a little. She is probably my most affectionate child so I made sure to hold her hand and give her lots of love the rest of the hike.

She told me later that she felt responsible for his death and that he was counting on her. My heart broke when she told me that. She put so much responsibility onto her own shoulders because to her, all life is precious, beautiful, and needs to be nurtured. I feel the same way and tend to get just as emotional over the thought of any living being in pain.
She is just like me in so many ways.

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